Why Iran Hanged Wrestler Navid Afkari ?


Why Iran Hanged Wrestler Navid Afkari ?

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Iran hanged its Wrestling Champion Navid Afkari on Saturday, September 12, when the whole world was seen with grief and anger. People across India and around the world after the news came in the media after a 27-year-old Afkari was hanged in Shiraz for the murder of a security guard during protests against the government. Want to know why Afakari was hanged and how a case was filed against a national champion?

After Afkari was arrested on September 17 in 2018, the previous day the Criminal Court of Iran sentenced him to death by the conviction of murder and then the Revolutionary Court pronounced the sentence of blasphemy. Behind both, these decision was a case of the murder of a security guard in Shiraz city on 2 August 2018. 

In addition, two of Afkari's brothers, Wahid, have been sentenced to imprisonment for 56 years and Habib for 24 years. It is also a court order that both be flogged 74-74. The three Afarkari brothers denied all the charges, but in late August, these decisions were pronounced. 

In 2017, widespread protests against the government proving to be ineffective in recovering the failing unemployment and sinking economy on the rising unemployment front in Iran. There was a demand that the system of Islamic governance should be abolished. Afkari brothers were involved in these protests. Since Nawid Afarkari was a celebrity player, he was allegedly targeted by the government.

On behalf of the state, it was alleged that during the demonstrations, Afkari attacked a security guard Hussein Turkman with a knife, which led to his death. How does the reality of the case raise questions?

From the US President Donald Trump to the International Olympic Committee and United World Wrestling, Afkari was not demanding such a severe punishment. Despite a lot of international pressure, the Iranian government hanged Afkari. Since then, there has been a strong reaction from all over the world. There is a demand to stop the execution of sentence in Iran.

"This cannot be an internal matter of a country ..." The United Nations expressed its strong opinion about the human rights abuses in the Afkari case. In addition, European Union spokesman Joseph Burrell and US Home Secretary Mike Pompeo also criticized Iran's cruel decision. Many international institutions like Amnesty have called it a scary mess with justice.

Christ Alinizad, an Iranian journalist, wrote on Twitter that 'We Iranians are very angry because one of us was killed by the Islamic Republic for protesting. This is not a tolerable thing in the 21st century. Christ wrote that Iran should be excluded from the sporting world. In his video, Christ raised the finger on the trial of Afkari, calling it a murder by the government.

In his video, Christ has categorically alleged that a false case was launched against Afkari. According to Christ, no evidence was clearly revealed about the murder of the security guard, Afkari was not allowed a lawyer to defend, and no facts were made public about the entire trial. Afkari was convicted and punished in just two hours.

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Reports about the state's questionable role in Afkari's case are saying that part of Afqari's televised confession, which matches the hundreds of confession statements that the Islamic Republic has made over the past decade Forcibly filed in false cases.

Of course. Afkari had a clue to the government's intentions. Amnesty International has released a video recording of the jailed officer, in which he was saying, 'If I am killed, I want to tell you that the innocent man who was tried was hanged. Let it be heard. Not only this, but the authorities also kept his family unaware of any news about the Afkari brothers.

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