Democracy & Elections Of India


Democracy & Elections Of India

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India is a democratic country. Democracy or democracy is a kind of order according to which the people are given freedom, according to which they choose their representative. That representative works for the benefit of the public and the country, the country.

That elected representative leads the overall operating system. If for some reason, the government chosen by the people is not able to act in the interest of the country and the countryman, then the people have the option to change the government again in five years. There is no power greater than manpower.

Election plays an important role in a democracy. People of eighteen years or above form the bulk of democracy and vote to elect a representative. Every citizen of India has the right to vote. Every person's vote counts.

Every citizen of the country has the inherent right to vote in a democracy. Nowadays, clever and insidious political people promise many types of opportunities and progress so that the public can vote for them.

Some people often make the wrong decision by coming into their words. Most of the citizens have just become alert and alert, easily they do not come under the guise of any and every leader. Countrymen usually pay attention to facts and vote thoughtfully. 

Often some people wonder what is the difference between not allowing one of us to vote, but it is not so. One vote of every citizen is very important because a candidate can win or lose by one or two votes at any time. The decision to win and win depends on one vote. It is the duty of all countrymen to always vote. A vigilant, intelligent, and conscious citizen contributes to the country in making the elections successful. 

Elections are the foundation of a democratic nation. India is considered to be the largest democratic country in the world. The electoral system gives people the right to choose their government by casting a vote for any suitable candidate. In this way, democracy incorporates folk spirit. This reflects public welfare.

In a democracy, all work is done in the spirit of public welfare. The feeling of public welfare starts appearing in front of us one by one. The importance of democracy is also because in a democracy everyone's feelings are respected and everyone gets full opportunity to express their feelings freely.

Electoral voting has great importance in a large democracy like India. Our opinion determines the future of the country. Our voting decides what kind of government we want in our country. but! If we do not participate in voting without fulfilling our obligation, then it causes great harm to the country.

Every citizen of the country has a duty to cast his vote in the election process and praise an honest and capable government in the country. People can cast their vote through secret ballot and give their opinion which shows who is the appropriate party or person to run their country.

The candidate/party who gets the majority comes to power and takes responsibility for the running of the country. Elections in India are held for municipalities, legislative assemblies and parliaments.

Elections are held every five years to ensure fairness. During these five years, people have the right to assess the work done by their chosen representative towards the progress of society and country. The representative chosen by the people has to take care of public interest. 

Many political parties participate in elections. They share their issue with the common man. They highlight all the work done by them for the benefit of their citizens and for the development of the nation so that the general public can vote for them. The Election Commission of India conducts and manages the entire election process in the country. The Election Commission came into existence in the year 1950.

The main responsibility of the Election Commission is to manage the election process. To accomplish this, many things should be taken care of. In this, planning of election program, new political parties to assess and validate them.

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The opinion of every citizen determines the future of the country. Which government will take over the reins of the country is by election. It is the ultimate duty of all citizens, by casting their valuable vote, to decide a right government in which there is no fraud. To build an honest, honest and strong government, every single vote of ours is maintained.

In a democracy, elections are like a festival, in this environment tight security is provided everywhere. There are party banners everywhere, it completely depends on the countryman whom they want to vote for.

All people should participate in voting so that a corrupt organization does not harm society by sitting on the post of government. To fulfill the obligation of the country, everyone should vote. This is the right of the people. A good government, chosen by the people, is capable of running the administration of the country smoothly.

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