From Where Water Came First On Earth, Scientists Have An Idea About It


From Where Water Came First On Earth, Scientists Have An Idea About It

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How water came to Earth is a very important question for our scientists. The reason for this is that the most important question related to this question is how life came and flourished on earth.

Although many opinions have come up for decades about how water came to the earth, but there is no concrete credibility about any theory. But in a recent study, scientists have found more signs of confirmation that the earth water came from outside.

' It has been surprising to scientists since the beginning that while there is no water on any other planet in the solar system, today the surface of the Earth is covered with 71 percent water. Astrobiologists and planetarians have been searching for concrete answers to this question for decades. For this, the researchers especially focused on sources outside the earth. 

It is not easy to know about the history of the Earth because it has changed a lot since its creation, but there are many bodies outside the earth that have not changed after they were born.

These bodies are meteorites. One such meteorite is of Enstatite Chondrite named Sahara 97096. Meteorites of the EC family are found in very small amounts, whose structure resembles that of the Earth. 

Recent research conducted by the Center de Researches Petrographix et Geochemix of the Universit√© de Lorien / CERN in Nesse, Sahara 97096 France has revealed that water may have been on Earth from the very beginning. 

In this research published in the journal Science, it has been said that there was so much water in the earth's ancient black rocks that it could fill the ocean three times the size of today. This meteorite was found in the year 1997, but the conclusive investigation could be done with today's modern technology so that finally we can get reliable evidence. 

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The structure of this meteorite shows that the ancient rocks of the earth were not as dry as was thought. It was earlier established that water must have come on Earth much later. It was believed that asteroids rich in water that hit the Earth came into play in bringing water to Earth. 

This debate of first source of water has surprised scientists for a long time. Logically, the place of earth in our solar system is not ideal for the development of water. In the early times of planetary formation, when the Earth was constantly colliding and exploding, all the water on Earth would have evaporated due to being near the Sun. It is believed that the Earth at that time must have been extremely hot.

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