World Population Set To Cross 10 Billion Mark ?

15-Sep-2020 , Updated on 9/15/2020 5:21:13 AM

World Population Set To Cross 10 Billion Mark ?

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At present, the population of the world is increasing rapidly. Many people believe that the way a human is destroying the Earth and its resources (one day) its growing population will become a curse for it.

But according to research, the world human population will not be able to go beyond 10 billion. According to this research, in the 2060s, this figure will reach 10, but before crossing it, the population will start declining.

According to research, the world's population will reach 8.8 billion by the year 2100. The study, published in the medical journal Lancet in July, became a topic of much discussion, covering major factors such as population factors such as birth rate, total fertility rate, but does not include environmental factors affecting and affecting the population. 

According to this research, this decline in population growth will not come due to any war, molecular holocaust, or even deadly epidemic from Covid-19. Nor will there be any major natural accident behind it, as many devastating changes are seen due to climate change. 

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This decline in population will come for two reasons. One is to control women's education and birth rate. This report, contrary to population forecasts such as the United Nations Development Program (UNPD) and the Wittgenstein Center, has predicted that the world population will be much faster than it is thought, but even in 2100, this number will be more than today's humans. Today the world population is 7.8 billion. 

It is believed that if this can be done then it will be very good news because it will reduce the pressure on the environment due to the human population and there will be a possibility of balance in the environment of the Earth. Maybe it will also help in tackling climate change. 

Many flaws of this paper are also being counted. This study has not included an important issue like the environment which has not included the effects of global warming and climate change. While the population is very closely related to climate change. 

Apart from this, other important aspects of the environment like the ecological crises have not been included in this study. There are many types of crises that have a deep connection with the human population, such as large-scale forest destruction, rapid destruction of species, overfishing of fish from the sea, dwindling insects in many areas, wild use of pesticides, etc. Were not involved in this research. 

In this study, what will be the effect of this change in the countries of the world in the future, it also describes how the population displacement will happen and which country's workforce will decrease due to age. But the lack of overall factors in many research predictions.

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