Coronavirus Pandemic Reminds Of Spanish Flu : Know About It


Coronavirus Pandemic Reminds Of Spanish Flu : Know About It

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In the year 2020, due to the way Coronavirus has created an environment of emergency all over the world, in the 19th century, due to another similar epidemic, many people died all over the world.

The name of that epidemic was Spanish flu, due to which the epidemic from one country to another country caused many soldiers and citizens of the country to die. Today we will tell you about that dreadful history of Spanish flu.

What is the Spanish Flu? 

Spanish flu is a type of virus with all the symptoms similar to a coronavirus, such as a fever with a cold, a throat infection, shortness of breath, a runny nose, a cold, and cough accompanied by a sudden onset of body trouble. Feeling of weakness and persisting fever for a long time. In today's time, all these symptoms are related to coronavirus, but all these symptoms were also seen in people during 1918, which was given the name of Spanish flu. 

History of Spanish flu 

According to the WHO, the onset of the Spanish flu was seen in September 1918, when a US military soldier was found to be suffering from the flu, which after an investigation was identified the virus, after which the disease spread quickly among many soldiers.

Then there was a time when there were not enough means of transport in the whole world, so almost a month was passed in spreading the disease from one country to another. During the year 1918, about 7 to 10 crore people lost their lives due to this flu. About 50 crore people were caught by this disease. This virus caused a shock to one-third of the world population within 3 months. 

Why was the flu named Spanish flu? 

On hearing the name of the Spanish flu, it seems that the flu originated in Spain, but an interesting thing behind it is that it started in the United States but still it was named Spanish flu.

The historical story behind this is told in which it was told that during the First World War, the communication and radio resources of all the countries involved in this world war were stopped, after which one Spain was one such country. Through which the news of this disease was spread through radio all over the world. After which it was given the name of Spanish flu. 

Who were the victims of Spanish flu? 

Usually, children of any virus are small children or elderly or people suffering from any disease, but Spanish flu was a virus that failed among people above 5 years of age, ranging from 20 years to 40 years. The soldiers were making this virus their victims.

Seeing this incident, all the experts around the world were very surprised because usually a virus attacks those people whose immunity power is very low but in the case of this virus, some reverse symptoms were seen. 

Which country did the Spanish flu affect ?

This virus started from a young man and soon reached its impact in Germany, Britain, France, Spain, the United States, and India. In India too, about 1000 people had been victimized by this disease, after which 40 of the victims had lost their lives. When the research was done slowly by the experts, it came to light that it is an epidemic that is infecting another person by sneezing and coughing. After which gradually infected and infected people from all countries started wearing masks on the mouth. 

This is such a terrible virus that slowly spread all over the world, causing havoc and people were killed and handed them to death. Experts gradually started to control the virus after a deep search, after which the disease was controlled within about 2 years.

It was considered to be the biggest natural disaster in the world, under which the whole world had to go through a lot of catastrophe in the world. Nearly half of the British Army was in its grip. After which more than 54 thousand soldiers succumbed to this disease and seriously, after which 1100 soldiers lost their lives. 

How did the Spanish flu work 

Due to a lack of complete resources at that time, the cause of this disease could not be ascertained, but later during 1978, some scientists discovered through the dead bodies of that time how the Spanish flu was killing humans. was.

Experts said that after examining the veins of those dead bodies, it came to light that the person who infected this flu used to go to his body and deposit blood clots, which caused him to breathe and slowly He used to block all the veins of the body, due to which the person died.

It is being speculated by experts that the way coronavirus is spreading its outbreak all over the world, in the coming time, the Spanish flu is going to knock again in the world and it is going to cause a terrible sight of the same epidemic among the people.

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At that time, abundant resources were not available within the world to get rid of such epidemics. But in spite of the progress that the experts have made in today's time, even when they have not been able to find any break of coronavirus, how will they be able to prepare themselves to fight this flu. No matter the calamity, all the citizens and experts around the world have to make arrangements in advance to fight them so that the entire world does not have to face so much destruction due to their outbreak.

The outbreak of Covid 19 is due to the Coronavirus, while the Spanish flu, also known as influenza, was caused by the outbreak of the influenza virus. Both of these viruses come from different families. There is no relation between the two, the reason, method, and work of both are completely different. 

The coronavirus has made its victims those who are older or are already suffering from some other disease, which has also reduced their immunity. In contrast, the Spanish flu had killed the world's young and newborns. Most of the people who died in Spanish flu were aged between 18 and 40 years. 

100 years ago, communication or vehicle vias was not much, at that time Spanish flu took a long time to reach from one place to another, due to which it was effective for almost 2 years. Whereas in today's time there are so many means that in minutes people decide long distances, due to which this disease is spreading easily from one country to another. 

100 years ago, health information, treatment was also not as strong as it is today. The correct information about the disease could not be reached to the people, but it is not so today. The government is sending the right information to the general public, the general public is also very aware, and is taking full care. 

One reason for the death of crores of people in the Spanish flu was that people did not know about it, people were not so aware or alert about any disease. But today it is not so, people are now vigilant. We wish God, that the coronavirus should not be as terrible as the Spanish flu, and that it should be controlled as soon as possible.

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