Introduction To Corona Warriors Of India


Introduction To Corona Warriors Of India

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The corona epidemic has forced the whole world to come on the knees. There is not a single corner of the world where the infection of this virus is not spread.

This virus killed millions of people in the world. Many people are getting infected by this every day. More than three lakh people in India are suffering from Coronavirus. There are only one solution and social distance.

In addition, it has been made mandatory to wear a mask on the mouth and wash your hands as much as possible and take care of cleanliness in the neighborhood.

India declared a lockdown on 24 March 2020 to fight the Corona epidemic and this lockdown was extended several times. This epidemic has brought storm into the world. In order to break the chain of virus infection, citizens were asked to follow social distance.

In the Corona era, doctors, nurses, ward boys, pathologists have all served the country as Corona warriors. The lockdown continued in India for several months and still continues in some parts.

All the doctors and nurses are awake day and night to serve the corona infected patients. He has been in the service of the country by becoming a Corona warrior in this emergency.

He has fulfilled his responsibility towards his country, society, and patients by risking life. Milk, vegetables, newspapers, etc. were properly arranged to meet the necessary supplies during the lockdown so that the common people should not be inconvenienced. So we have not faced any kind of inconvenience. This was possible because all the people provided us facilities by becoming Corona warriors. 

Facilities such as water and electricity, telecommunications and banking were not closed throughout the day under adverse lockdown conditions. This did not happen because all the employees associated with it worked in a non-stop situation under this emergency. We see him as a warrior in the Corona era, due to which the common people did not face difficulties. 

The lockdown rule prescribes that every citizen has to live in the house and all state boundaries are sealed. But some people are providing services in the corona crisis so that common citizen are not harmed. Required items are provided in lockdown. 

The local police force and the central armed police force stand for defense as warriors at the forefront to ensure any kind of social disturbance. He has contributed immensely in keeping the country safe and handling such difficult situations during the Corona crisis. Still, the situation is not normal but he is doing his duty. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has honored the warriors who worked continuously during the Corona period. In this crisis of Covid 19, everyday health workers, sanitation workers, police forces and security personnel are fulfilling responsibility towards society and us with hard work and dedication. He is doing his duty towards a society without being tired and non-stop. We should appreciate and respect these warriors. 

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The Central Government recently announced the insurance cover of Rupees for Healthy Service Employees who are serving the infected people. Some states and union territories like Uttar Pradesh and Delhi also announced BIMA packages for other important classes for front line workers.

In this crisis, many policemen were caught suffering from infections while performing their duties and some have even lost their lives. Security forces are deployed everywhere. He is also following duty by being posted in Containment Zone and Hospitals.

This is a risky task for the police as it is not only for them but also for their family members that there is a danger of infection. Doctors and nurses are engaged in serving patients regardless of their care. Due to this, many doctors and nurses have been infected. Doctors and nurses are busy working to cure the patients with their hearts and are doing their duty.

Bank employees are also taking their risk by going to the bank and performing their duties so that the people of the country do not face any difficulty related to the bank and the money.

Banks are being sanitized regularly so that there is no risk of infection. Health workers are busy sanitizing public places, schools, offices, etc. to reduce the risk of infection. 

We salute the health workers, police, bank staff, and people managing daily things who have kept us safe during the crisis. Because of this we are healthy and safe in our homes.

Like a good citizen, we should follow the instructions to be free from this crisis so that we and the people around us will be safe and live in peace.

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