How "Bio Bubble" Is Changing Course Of Cricket Game

12-Aug-2020 , Updated on 8/12/2020 12:57:38 AM

How "Bio Bubble" Is Changing Course Of Cricket Game

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As time goes by, there is an understanding in the whole world that one way to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic is to learn to live with it. In such a situation, in the work of governments, societies and various organizations, they are finding ways to bring all the systems back on track only in the presence of coronavirus.

Such systems are named as 'bio bubble' and 'travel bubble'. A lot of efforts have also started regarding them. It is being assessed whether the world can return to the same pothole as it was before Corona was created.

It is not that all the businesses have come to a standstill due to the effect of Coronavirus. Of course, the means of transport like airlines, buses, trains are stuck. Schools, colleges, shrines, tourist places, shopping malls, etc. are locked in many places, but due to the internet, it has also been convenient that the works which can be conducted online, continue to be done.

Also, alternative measures have been adopted with the help of normal functioning to prevent corona. For example, all the employees related to health, sanitation, and policing, while adopting physical distance, have performed their duties as before with the help of PPE kits, masks, and hand sanitizers, etc.

Some options have been tried. For example, if films cannot be released in the cinema hall, then they are being released on the online platform ie OTT (Over the Top). Education cannot be done in real classrooms and meetings, rallies cannot be done as before, then they too are being organized online i.e. virtual, but the question is how to organize sports? How to handle air travel as before?

Due to these compulsions, many sports events have been postponed, as it is inevitable for players to interact during the game. Also, while playing most sports, players cannot wear masks, PPE kits.

Similarly, during the air, rail, and bus trips, the rule of the distance of one or two meters from one passenger to another is putting a lot of bottlenecks, but on the lines of the path, the arrangement of the bubble in all these cases is being maintained wherever desired. Is so that sports events can be organized and trips can also be conducted.

However, most references to 'bubble' are negative. In the fields of trade, the term refers to the fact that something has been exaggerated like a bubble. This bubble is one in which if a pin is pierced, it will burst.

The bubble born earlier in the realty sector is seen in this regard, but in the current Corona era, the bubble system is emerging as a positive solution. A discussion of this came up strongly when a match of the Test cricket series between the West Indies and England was recently concluded under a bubble arrangement.

In March this year, when an international cricket match was played for the first time between the West Indies and England following announcements of a worldwide lockdown, it was concluded under the BioSecure formula. This is called the bio bubble system. 

Under this arrangement, the England Cricket Board created a bio-secure environment in which players, from their support staff and hoteliers, were separated from the rest of the world. The media persons had very limited reach to all of them.

During this time, all the players, staff, and hotel workers were not only asked to strictly follow the physical distance rules but with regular corona related checkups, their health reports were prepared daily. In this way, a bio bubble has been made for the players and the people of both countries, in which they can see the whole world through TV cameras, but no outsider can go to that bio bubble and meet them. 

The meaning of the saying is that from where everyone will stay, players, team management, hotel staff, etc., no other person can come in contact with them from the stadium. Not only this, whoever violates the rules of this bio bubble, can also be acted upon. This is the reason that during the first Test match between England-West Indies, when England fast bowler Joffra Archer went to his home for a short time, he was banned for the next Test match as a penalty.

One rule of this bio bubble is that wherever a team plays a match and stays in the hotel, the range of 1500 to 2000 square meters will be completely isolated. Also, a green zone or inner core (the inner circle) will be created in the stadium and hotel, in which the team members will have the freedom to meet each other. 

New rules such as bubble are being adopted in cricket or other sports to organize all the stalled sports events, so that it seems that the world is slowly moving towards its normal routine, but the matter is not just about sports. is. Airlines all over the world are at a huge disadvantage because of the travel restrictions imposed by Corona.

Common people are also troubled by the lack of rail and buses. Therefore, it is now being thought that transport operations should also be made normal again with the help of bio bubble or travel bubble. Travel-bubble for international flight flights is not intended to be a cricket-like enclosure, but rather, strict restrictions in which no person can book tickets in the desired number of times.

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It is not that everyone is happy with the policies of the bio bubble and travel bubble, but rather some people have started raising questions about this biosecure protocol. In the case of cricket, former West Indies bowler Michael Holding has lashed out at the England Cricket Board for breaking the rules made by Jofra Archer under it.

He has said that when the players get the corona test done and all the reports are negative then why is such a strict rule applied to them. Why they are not sent in a single bus or why it is being implemented until the entire test matches. Holding intends to say that if conditions look normal in the opening matches, then the conditions should be relaxed later. Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid has also termed the bio bubble scheme as impractical. 

He has raised the question that if two days after the start of the test match if any corona report of any player of either team comes positive then what will happen in such a situation? According to the current quarantine rules, in such a situation, not only the two teams but also about 250-300 people working in hotels, media, stadium etc. may have to go to quarantine.

Given the upcoming season of cricket, players can come in contact with countless people in the number of visits they have to make. In such a situation it will no longer be possible to follow the rules of the bio bubble.

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