Race To Mars Mission : It Never Goes Missing

11-Aug-2020 , Updated on 8/12/2020 1:02:11 AM

Race To Mars Mission : It Never Goes Missing

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Race To Mars Mission never goes missing! The number of astronauts departing from Earth to Mars has suddenly increased significantly. Last week, not one, not two, three countries took their ships to Mars.

The United Arab Emirates is the third country, apart from the US and China, to have decided to try their hand in the region. It is a matter of pride for backward Asia in the space race, although the main reason for this runaway is the constantly changing distance between Mars and Earth.

The Earth and Mars sometimes come close to each other by circling the Sun in their respective orbits and sometimes they go very far. This distance varies from about five and a half million kilometers to nine and a half million kilometers.

Obviously, any vehicle from Earth to Mars will be left keeping this changing distance in mind. The best time may be when Mars is getting closer to Earth and after traveling for seven months, the vehicle is near the closest point of Earth when it reaches Mars.

Once out, this time comes only after 26 months, and this is the reason why the ships of the three countries left almost simultaneously. But not only the motives of these campaigns of three countries, the meanings are also quite different. 

This campaign has the most emotional significance for the United Arab Emirates. This is his first Mars campaign and if successful, he will be the first Muslim nation to do so, not only in West Asia or the Arab world. Incidentally, this is also the 50th year of independence from Britain. Obviously, this achievement will make this year extremely special for him.

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There is no emotional aspect associated with the US and Chinese campaigns, but their objectives are far more serious. China's missions include orbiters, landers and rovers that will gather more information about the surface of Mars, below and above it. 

NASA's mission also includes a small 1.8 kg helicopter. If all goes well, this will be the first helicopter to fly on any other body beyond the Earth. The special thing is that there is also a plan to return NASA's Rover Perceptions to Earth through the next mission of 2026.

Of course, the human settlement on Mars seems to be far-fetched and there are jokes like creating a separate paradise for those who die from Corona, but it is not impossible that in the face of the expedition of these campaigns some such jokes will come true in this century.

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