Coronavirus Is Not Over Yet And Here Comes Tick-Borne Virus


Coronavirus Is Not Over Yet And Here Comes Tick-Borne Virus

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Coronavirus has kept the whole world a victim and it is spreading rapidly. Meanwhile, 7 people have lost their lives due to a new infectious disease in China and more than 60 people are infected. The new virus spread in China is called Tick-Borne Virus.

A new infectious disease caused by the tick-borne virus in China has killed seven people. Also, the possibility of human-to-human transmission of this new disease has also been warned. This new disease has increased the concern of the people in China. This new infectious disease has started spreading in China. 

According to media reports, more than 37 people have been infected with the SFTS virus in East China's Jiangsu Province so far, while in Anhui Province, 23 people have been reported infected. At present, China's top health agency is taking seriousness and sensitivity in this matter. 

SFTS is not a new virus. It was first discovered in China in 2011. Virologists believe that this infection can spread to humans by insects (ticks) sticking to the animal's body. After this the infection can spread among humans. SFTS belongs to the category of Bunyavirus. 

The spider-like organism is the carrier of Bunyavirus. The infection spreads when a tick bites a person. According to Chinese experts, it can spread to other humans through the blood and sweat of an infected person. 

According to China's health agency CDC, the risk of death in up to 12 percent. No vaccine has been prepared so far. 

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Many tick-borne diseases may have similar symptoms. The most common symptoms of tick-related diseases are fever or chills, rashes, aches, and pains. Symptoms of the tick-borne disease include headache, fatigue, and muscle aches. Additionally, with Lyme disease, a person may experience joint pain.

Fever, platelets, and rapid fall of leukocytes from the virus are the major symptoms. The onset and severity of these symptoms may depend on the patient's level of disease and tolerance.

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