Dissatisfaction On The Rise In Today's Youth Generation


Dissatisfaction On The Rise In Today's Youth Generation

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In fact, the directionless young generation makes education aware of its goal, but today's education has become helpless due to the reduction of the criteria in fulfillment of this purpose.

Today, even after getting an education, the youth is burning in the furnace of unemployment. He or She is neither thinking of his own interest nor that of the nation. In this situation, dissatisfaction is taking root in his heart.

Causes and diagnosis of dissatisfaction in the young generation

The main reason for this discontent is not the right solution to today's problems. Today every university of the country suffers from this disease. Today, due to this dissatisfaction the diagnosis is as follows: 

Lack of national love - The student's job is to build a nation life along with studies, but it deviates from dissatisfaction. It should be his duty to love the country. 

Ignored and goalless education- Today, youth power is indulging in neglect due to the lack of teachers. Today the government's red tape is provoking students more. The second drawback of education is to be purposeless.

Today's youth accepts education, but he or she himself does not know what he does after completing his education. No education is provided for independent business. Today, after the study, the government should impart some training to the student in his work.

Corrupt administration- Today, one to one corrupt representatives elected by the people reach the governance. After being elected, these representatives generate money by bribe and keep the sufferings of the public at bay. Even if the red tape is tortured, these leaders promote it. As a result, a wave of discontent runs among the youth.

Deformed democracy- After independence, our national masters adopted the democratic system. These leaders spend money in corrupt ways and reach the government. Then, assuming that they are not representative of the public, the Rajputra should humbly explain to the students and solve any problem that arises.

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Distorted movie world - Today the movie world is very corrupt. Today in every picture, pictures of violence and sexuality and passion are shown. In fact, the use of the movie should be for the education of the student and other subjects.

Newspaper and All India Radio - These are both a boon and a curse for the young generation. Where the students of a university were dissatisfied, this news is spread everywhere through newspapers and All India Radio, causing rage among the younger generation. The government should ban such newspapers.

Many opposing parties - Today anti-government parties are trying to straighten their owls by provoking the students of universities.

Lack of cultural rites - Today there is a lack of cultural rites in the younger generation. Because of which they consider others different from themselves and resent them. Therefore, moral education should also be compulsory in universities.

Epilogue - In today's era, the education system is the highest in the world, placing India at the world level. Therefore, our nation makers should make a determination that they should improve the universities so that the discontent does not increase among the younger generation.

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