Results Are What We Do Via Actions

07-Aug-2020 , Updated on 8/7/2020 4:21:11 AM

Results Are What We Do Via Actions

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We get the same result as we do. Our actions and deeds determine our sins and virtue. If we do good deeds then we get good fruits of it and if we do bad deeds then we get its bad fruits. All the troubles in our life are related to our actions somewhere.

This couplet of Kabirdas Ji always reminds us that the result of bad actions is always bad. Just as the sandal-like root does not abandon it's temperament. In the same way, we should not give up our great welfare and even if someone abuses us; But we should also behave well with him, this is the lesson of this proverb. As a result, the person who misbehaves with others, his misbehavior in his heart hurts him as a colony.

On the contrary, his behavior in the heart of a good-hearted person gives him happiness, joy and eternal fragrance of flowers, in his life, the fragrance of fame and fame is doubled in every direction. 

The gods also bow before humility. Therefore, if we have to adopt human qualities and conquer the hearts of the gods as well, then we should consider the meaning of this poetry well and make it a major part of our behavior.

The misdeeds of the wicked person must also be forgiven; Because love is the magnet that pulls the iron towards you. According to the principle, 'be afraid of sin, not of sinner', we should also behave freely towards the person who shows treachery and tact. We automatically have many benefits from this. 

First of all, a person who gives forgiveness to others automatically becomes great. Such men are naturally benevolent and arrogant. Humility destroys the pride of a wicked person by filling him with a sense of compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and patience.

Such a person is not proud of his strength, wealth, or knowledge. People who have a favorable attitude towards the oppressors, such people have no enemy in society. Therefore, his soul is always cheerful and he gets a rapid growth in his soul. 

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People who follow this principle do every task very carefully. They do not consider any task without consideration. Such human beings only get profit in their life and become part of fame and fame in the world.

Human beings who always give happiness to others, automatically remain happy and happy, and experience self-satisfaction. Everyone in the world respects those who behave sweetly. Such sweet-spoken persons themselves gain a reputation in the world. The society takes pride in them and they become examples of the social ideal. 

This superior principle is not only enlightened, But root animals also believe and because of their instincts do not consume their food items themselves and provide them to the society. Not only this, but we also rip off the chest of our Mother Earth. It provides sweet water and we give fruits here and thereby throwing stones at the trees, their body is made for the purpose. 

In this material age of today, life is so bitter, hostility and a sense of competition that humans are no longer entitled to be called human. Nowadays most people are prone to evil tendencies such as theft, manipulation, lies, dishonesty etc. Today, the society is considered to be the best that it fools others and straightens its owl.

Today, it has become evident in the hearts of most people that in today's era, Gandhians are seen dying of hunger. If seen to some extent, in this rationing system of today, those who speak the truth can not get any food items like sugar, sugar, ghee, and such naive directly become self-sustaining food for human society. Nevertheless, we have the advantage of adopting the ancient policy. Do not bite anyone; But do make sure that you can stay safe in society. 

By following this principle, pride is eliminated by humility and intelligence is sattvik. Where growth will be sattvik, there will surely be a sign of self-power and a day flower will blossom in it. 

Sometimes we intentionally do wrong things, sometimes we do wrong things inadvertently. Due to this, we have to face problems later. And when we face any problem, then we regret that if we had not done such a thing, we might not have got into this problem today. So it is necessary to understand that results are what we do via actions.

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