Modi Haters Will Never Like Him Even If Public Does


Modi Haters Will Never Like Him Even If Public Does

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Those who continue to question Narendra Modi's leadership, see non-democratic tendencies, see his unrestrained control over the government, party, media, opposition, and call him the most powerful leader after Lord Curzon, perhaps as the king And you have forgotten the expression of people.

Modi's leadership is a reflection of India and its people. Democracy and the constitution are not mechanical. They are defined by the time, the problem, and the resolving leadership.

This is also evidenced by the personality of strong Prime Ministers like Nehru and Indira. It is another matter that at that time a huge personality like Atal Bihari Vajpayee was in opposition which had the power to accept, admire and be proud of his powerful leadership.

Today there is neither opposition nor any opposition leader who has the ability to accept Modi's ability, his personality, his dedication and leadership. Today's opposition is not ready to understand that there is something in the personality and leadership of Modi which the public likes. 

If Modi has changed the political discourse, then Congress leaders and especially Rahul Gandhi have also contributed in this change. He has been trying to prove for a long time that Modi is an incompetent, corrupt and weak leader, but it does not seem to have any effect. Despite this, he is constantly besieging Modi over the dispute with China. They should remember what they got from doing unnecessary attacks on Modi? What Modi initially wore as a gift he received was that Rahul gave the title of suit-boot to the Modi government. 

In response to this Modi made poor policies. After this, he broke that confusion by schemes like Jan Dhan, Ujjwala, Direct Benefit Transfer, Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao, Cleanliness, AYUSH etc.

Mani Shankar Aiyar of the Congress indecently called Modi a chaiwala, which Modi immediately connected with backward and turned him towards BJP. Modi, who was called anti-Muslim for not doing the iftar party offered by the erstwhile prime ministers, enacted a three-divorce law to improve the lives of Muslim women, which attracted a section of them to the BJP. 

Rahul Gandhi accused the Modi government of being anti-farmer, making Modi the suicides of farmers, but Modi launched a series of schemes aimed at farmers. Thus Modi changed the political discourse of the country under his leadership.

They brought him out of the clutches of the rich, casteism, minority appeasement and scam-corruption etc. to the center of the poor, Dalit-deprived-exploited, minorities, political correctness, development, and inclusive politics. For this, Modi did not adopt populist policies but took drastic decisions in the public interest and country interest. 

In January 2014, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a press conference that Modi being the Prime Minister would be a disaster for the country. The public rejected him and handed him the leadership of the country first in 2014 and then 2019. Not surprisingly, Manmohan Singh regretted in 2018 for calling Modi's leadership a disaster for the country. 

Keep in mind that the people considered Manmohan Singh as the puppet Prime Minister of Sonia Gandhi. He never connected with the public. Modi's leadership aroused hope in the people and increased confidence in his leadership. There is also a fact that no national or regional party has been able to present alternative leadership than Modi.

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Rahul Gandhi of the Congress sometimes entertains with his statements and behavior, sometimes neglects and sometimes becomes the object of public anger. Apart from Congress, did Sonia Gandhi never consider political parties as worthy of leadership. She has remained isolated from the attitude the Congress took on the dispute with China.

To counter the epidemic like Corona, how did Modi put all the Chief Ministers in one thread, the way the whole country was united in unity, what is the achievement of his leadership? When more than one lakh people died of corona in a developed country like America, then what is the limit of corona deaths in India with more than three times population?

Does qualified leadership mean that no problem arises or is leadership the one who shows courage to overcome the problem? Isn't Modi seen battling China's challenge with the Corona epidemic? 

In fact, most critics did not do justice to Modi. They believe that Modi is inept, communal, anti-Muslim, and has totalitarian tendencies. Not only this, the critic who expresses positive views about Modi, but he also gives the Modi-devotee's certificate. Many reviewers do not objectively review Modi and his government with this fear. Nobody has ever asked, to whom are the people who give these certificates their devotees? Are they left-devotees, Sonia-devotees or sect-specific devotees? 

A qualified leadership communicates hope and enthusiasm in public. How many leaders in the world are capable of doing this? Modi has continued to connect with the public through the address of the nation, in recent times, Namoap and the name of the nation.

Modi has succeeded in connecting directly with the public by breaking established party behavior and political structures. It is a misfortune of our democracy that the opposition parties have neither alternative discussion nor any alternative leadership to counter this.

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