The unlock 1.0


The unlock 1.0

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The unlock 1 0

Unlock 1.0

Life after Lock-down, unlock 1.0 is a signal out of the Lock-down that went into effect on 25 March 2020. I think unlock will be more dangerous as compared to the Lock-down. During Lock-down peoples were much aware about the disease it causes and symptoms. They make all possible efforts to reduce the risk of coming into contact with corona virus. Until and unless necessary they do not come out of their homes.

Now in unlock phase the fear gets reduced in the minds of peoples. They started living with fearless pandemic situation. They do not follow social distancing. There has been spike in COVID (CO-Corona, VI- Virus, D- Disease) patients during unlock. Mainly states like Delhi and Maharashtra are facing disastrous spike in COVID patients and their deaths. The reason of this spike rate is all due to unlock in which peoples started gathering, they did not follow social distancing, they travel across with public transport.

If we want to fight and be safe from this pandemic it one and only our own task to reduce the risk becoming COVID patients. Despite being dependent on government, everyone should stand by the government. This is not just a disease of coughing, sneezing, or something else for which we are already prepared with the vaccine it is a pandemic situation against which everyone have to take part equally.

The unlock 1 0

A kind situation in which the decease is caused by touching infected items, persons or anything. For which government and even the whole world do not have proper medical appliances and vaccines. But in spite of all these issues our government has made every possible effort in limited time with best results. In lesser time the government is prepared to fight with such disease.

Peoples are not following social distancing in public places. This is making this fight more difficult. The peoples are not wearing mask. May be they for-med an opinion that the unlock is symbol that the infection is over. If they think so they are taking their lives by staring deaths into face.

PPE (Personal protective equipment) kits and masks are thrown on roadside carelessly by the hospitality in unlock. How we can be so careless when the whole world is fighting with the pandemic? We should think twice that it is not only the fight of any country, any single government, but is fight for all of us equally. We shall be equally responsible for one failure of get infected.

We must not be reckless about our own lives. We must follow the Lock-down guidelines in unlock also. The unlock is made for those who are need of finance and to rehabilitate the economy. The peoples can reach their homes safely. So if it not necessary we should not leave from our homes. We must follow social distancing in the market; wash our hands at regular intervals.

Helpless Government....

The unlock 1 0

The unlock is not the choice it the necessity of government. The Lock-down makes economy falls. And there is no choice except to save the country and its people from getting into financial crisis. But that does not mean that the fight with CORONA virus is over, everything is normal. NO! Not at all.

Because a government cannot proceed with further Lock-down as it affects the social, economical and financial growth of the country. It affects the lives of normal people at large in terms of money, mental health, time or energy. It becomes very difficult to raise funds to fulfill the needs of the people any more.

The unlock 1 0

If we continue to do this unethical behavior towards the situation of pandemic the government would not be able to fight for us. We need the government guidelines and the government need us.

So this is the time to stand by the government, help others and do not make government helpless.  

Lock down again!

From my point of view the country as whole should consider unlock as more hazardous situation for spreading virus and they should follow social distancing wear masks sanitize their places regularly, stay at their homes.

And if the situation still cannot be controlled the government should opt for lock-down again.

The unlock 1 0, Company secretaries (inter), De.El.Ed, UPTET and CTET qualified. A government job aspirant presently looking for the platform where I can enhance my skills and learning to reach to the people.