Is Dawood Ibrahim Really In Corona Hiding ?


Is Dawood Ibrahim Really In Corona Hiding ?

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While news of Covid-19 and its worldwide havoc has shaken the whole world, there has been a famine of news of neighboring Pakistan dealing with the disease. In such a situation, very interesting news has come from the intelligence agencies that India's enemy number one Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and his wife Mahzabeen Bano are both corona victims and are admitted to the army hospital in Karachi in Quarantine.

However, Dawood's brother Anees Ibrahim, in a discussion with a news agency, denied that Dawood and Mahzabeen Corona were suffering. There are some strong reasons for this news reported by Indian intelligence agencies to be one-time credible. 

Intelligence experts and experts believe that there is considerable infiltration of our agencies into Pakistan. Even if the leaf pops up there, New Delhi knows. Several earlier incidents confirm this. Indian intelligence agencies say Dawood and his wife have been found corona positive and their personal staff and security personnel have also been quarantined. 

According to these agencies, Dawood Ibrahim lives in the Clifton area of ​​Karachi under the patronage of Pakistan's dreaded intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). He is an accused in several cross-border criminal cases, including the serial bombings in Mumbai in 1993 in India.

For the past several years, Pakistan has been consistently denying her and her family's presence. Highly placed people sitting on Raisina Hill in Delhi believe that if Dawood dies due to Corona, it will be difficult for Pakistan to hide his identity. 

It would be difficult for Dawood to be cremated in oblivion, as his family and D-Company actors would not allow this to happen. Then it will be very difficult for the ISI to explain its warlords spread in different parts of the world. 

The intelligence dossier that the Indian government has provided to various international agencies, including the United Nations and Interpol, shows that Dawood's gang, known as D-Company, has a vast transport business from Karachi airport to Afghanistan. 

D-Company truck drivers also help to smuggle heroin through carriers on the Pakistan-Afghan border. Recently Dawood and his brother Anees have invested a lot of money in hotels and resort businesses in Pakistan and UAE. There are also several Dawood goods in Sindh province and a paper mill at Kotri near Hyderabad. 

According to sources, a lot of money has been spent and a lot of hard work has also been spent in gathering evidence of the facts given in the said 150 dorsal dossier. Such as the photo of Dawood in it, when he attended the wedding ceremony of the daughter of his friend and ISI agent Taufiq Jallianwala. 

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Some portions of this have also been made available to the US intelligence agencies — the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). These excerpts clearly state that 'Dawood Ibrahim and his associates are in Pakistan with fake names but real identity cards. Pakistani government intelligence officers and undercover agents help him and provide him with 'cover'. He and his partners Chhota Shakeel and Jamal aka Tiger Memon are roaming freely in Pakistan. ' 

Pakistan has used Dawood against India on more than one occasion. Pakistan has given Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar the identity of Sheikh Dawood Hasan. He lives in a yellow-brick bungalow called Moin Palace opposite Abdullah Shah Ghazi Dargah of Clifton, a chic, residential settlement in Karachi. He has several passports from different countries. 

There is another problem facing Pakistan. Dawood has recovered the sinking boat of Pakistan's economy from his black money many times. His business is spread in many countries of the world, so he earns billions and trillions of income to help Pakistan recover from its financial crisis.

In such a situation, if he dies, then there may be a lot of mutilating in Pakistan. It remains to be seen how Pakistan overcomes this crisis and what it does. Whatever he will do, he is not going to hide from the eyes of India.

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