We Need Research Power To Tackle COVID-19


We Need Research Power To Tackle COVID-19

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Our country is fully prepared to deal with the epidemic of COVID 19. Especially in this context, the initiative being taken in our country about science holds an important place in the world.

Six major institutes of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in the country are doing research work on various aspects of the virus day and night.

As soon as this virus started to take its place, the Department of Biotechnology had a high-level meeting and prepared a strategy as to what should be the direction of our research to deal with it. The basic objective and function of the Department of Biotechnology is focused on biodiversity right from the beginning. Whether it is any use and research related to farming, whether it is related to wildlife or from such viruses or bacteria, this department has a big responsibility. 

The three main departments in the Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Science and Technology and CSIR are working together on a variety of research and solutions. Biodiversity department has a leading role in this. The Covid Research Consortium for participation of these institutes was started in March itself, when its initial cases were detected in the country. Ten institutes working on the vaccine were selected and asked to research the coronavirus.

India is the largest vaccine producing country in the world. Work on the vaccine of Covid-19 is in progress. Six big Indian companies are involved in the manufacturing of the vaccine. These include Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech, Zayeds, Cadila, Biological E, Indian Immunologicals and Mahendra X.

DBT has assisted the Serum Institute for phase-3 vaccine clinical trials to validate the vaccine. This includes vaccine effects and side effects. Similarly, Cadila is being assisted in research on the DNA component, Bharat Biotech for the safety part and a company for research on its RNA portion.

The Department of Biotechnology is promoting other research through the research consortium by linking up with the public sector Indus India. As soon as the vaccine comes out after the clinical test, immediately startups will be added to partners with better credibility. For this, a National Biological Industrialization Organization Consortium is also being formed.

The Department of Biotechnology has set up another consortium, partnering with Maxtec Zone located in Andhra Pradesh, to enable the manufacture of drugs, vaccines, PPP kits and ventilators locally.

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Today, 91 testing laboratories have been established in 16 cities in collaboration with the Department of Biotechnology. The department has also started studies on SORS, Covid-19 virus today. There is a great discussion in the country and the world that these viruses are constantly changing their behavior and nature.

A big plan is to be started on this, where a study will be done to see what kind of symptoms will occur in the virus change and what will be the nature of the disease. The DBT of Covid-19 has also adopted a regulatory system, so as to reflect the equal progress on various researches.

Apart from this, understanding the spread of this disease, reports of its progress can be taken continuously and further work can be done. At the time of the establishment of this department, it was decided that if there were ever any biological attacks on crops, trees or humans in the country, then research and research would be subject to them.

The Department of Biotechnology and its associated institutes are engaged in day-to-day research with their scientists so that in the coming time, people can get the right information and solutions related to Covid-19. This department is playing an important role in the fight with Covid-19.

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