Patience Is The Key During Coronavirus Pandemic


Patience Is The Key During Coronavirus Pandemic

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The latest statement of the World Health Organization (WHO) states that coronavirus cannot be taken lightly. Accordingly, the Covid-19 epidemic has not yet reached its peak. According to this, the possibility of infecting about one crore people cannot be denied. A greater danger will arise when the disease spreads in African countries and there will be a fear of returning to all countries again. Despite this, the world is not completely broken.

USA, France are the latest examples of this, where the lockdown is being opposed. In our country also, whether this epidemic will leave the chase soon or not, this question is in everyone's mind.

The trends that are coming out and the kind of irresponsible behavior that is being done by the people are undermining government efforts. This is such a disease, which is also associated with patience and patience. Not only do we have to protect ourselves, but also those who come in contact with us in any form or form. It is a step ahead of untouchability. Which can also come from any everyday things that work for us. And there is no clear idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtreatment, so why are we not refraining from taking such a risk. 

In today's situation, the government is only in the role of an assistant and is also struggling to stop it. The government's responsibility is to keep us out of trouble or to overcome it when we are in trouble. Beyond this, governments are also helpless. 

We are very lucky to see the situation in the whole world. We are born in a country where natural forces are with us. In our every behavior, the remaining rites among us keep us apart from the world. Apart from all this, the people who lead us are not only sensitive but are trying to connect everyone with amazing abilities on such occasions. It is certain that if there was not a timely lockdown in our country, we would have been in worse conditions like countries like Italy, Spain, China, America. 

Whether it is the central government or the state governments, they are ready to throw everything to not let the situation go out of control. Nevertheless, we are taking lightly the seriousness of this one-point program of the Prime Minister and the Government. That is why whenever they get a chance, they start disobeying the rules. 

Chief Ministers of all the states of the country are also engaged. Be it Uttar Pradesh or Uttarakhand, or Delhi or Maharashtra, the Chief Ministers of these states are understanding their responsibilities. At this time he has no other priority than Corona. But if there is a shortage, it is our own. Even now we are not completely afraid of this epidemic.

And think when to get rid of lockdown. Therefore, after the first phase was over, when the second phase was eased a little, the streets grew crowded. An example is a view shown on the border of Delhi, Faridabad, Noida. 

Somehow we have to accept discipline. If anyone can save us at this time, it is the government and its rules. See how doctors, police, and sanitation workers have put their lives and families at stake for us. This sacrifice is not only to be dealt with by applause and flowers but also to make this great sacrifice successful. And this will be possible only when we follow orders and requests. But today all our understanding is locked with lockdown that we are rash to break every bond. 

This is not the time for criticisms. Nor is it to be confused. Political parties should also understand that this is the time of corona, not of the election. They should know that Corona is not going to make any difference in favor or opposition.

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