Sonia Gandhi Takes U-Turn For Politics

02-Apr-2020 , Updated on 4/3/2020 12:31:01 AM

Sonia Gandhi Takes U-Turn For Politics

Playing text to speech

Taking U-turn is the ultimate DNA trait of all Indian National Congress party leaders who once to be placed as positive say that they are with the government and then they take the U-turn to say that poor people were compromised during the ongoing 21- day national lockdown and the government was unprepared with this move leading to the sudden migration of the daily wage laborers. Once again taking anti-India stance Congress boss Sonia Gandhi leads the way to form the false narrative propaganda.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday reprimanded the administration for 'spontaneous' usage of the countrywide lockdown that she said had caused 'bedlam and torment' to a great many transient laborers, at a Congress working board held through a video meeting. Calling for accessibility of all fundamental gear for clinical experts, she said the onus lies on the legislature to guarantee that the spread of disease and setbacks are not made the owing absence of foundation or readiness  

The Congress working advisory group met on the set of a nation confronting the coronavirus pandemic and took input from the congress-controlled states, as gathering has been recommending different measures to support the minimized segments and day by day bets.  

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Sonia Gandhi in her introductory statements hammered the administration, saying 'the 21-day National Lockdown may have been important however the spontaneous way in which it has been executed has caused confusion and agony in the lives of a large number of vagrant laborers all over India.'  

'The extent of the test before we are overwhelming however our purpose to beat it must be more noteworthy,' she said. 'Our primary care physicians, medical attendants, and wellbeing laborers need all the help conceivable. Individual Protection Equipment, for example, hazardous materials suits, N-95 masks and so on must be given to them on a war balance. Similarly significant are Ventilators and breathing gear, segregation beds and assigned emergency clinics to treat COVID-19.

The onus lies on Government to guarantee that the spread of contamination and setbacks are not made the owing absence of framework or readiness,' she included. Again she proves that she is totally illogical and baseless and does not even talk about Tablighi Jamaat case.

Sonia Gandhi said that the pandemic has just caused untold enduring over the world, however, it has additionally reaffirmed the obligations of fellowship that join humankind and the individuals who are generally powerless against the outcomes of this pandemic are poor people and impeded.  'We should meet up for the wellbeing of them and do everything we can to help them through the troublesome days that lie ahead,' said Sonia.

She should now head directly to her hometown in Italy and see how her family members are faring there. But she will not do so because she knows there is still no stage of havoc in India and she can easily get to the nearest hospital without any delay or problem for proper treatment but again was she not reading the script for this Muslim appeasement propaganda? Haha...after this act of sheer stupidity, Congress is about to get over whatever remains it has.

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