Digvijay Singh Is The Man Behind Kamal Nath Government Downfall


Digvijay Singh Is The Man Behind Kamal Nath Government Downfall

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The Kamal Nath government proved it's majority three times during it's tiring and tough regime with two and a half months of moral code of conduct implemented due to the elections. The downfall of Congress government in Madhya Pradesh was pretty sure after it's stalwart politician Jyotriadtiya Scindia left the party and made 22 MLA's resign with him. The real reason is only Digvijay Singh who was the mastermind behind this whole episode and made sure that he is the only one to benefit from it.

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Digvijay Singh is the mastermind behind quarrels and factionalism in MP Congress. It is an ideal case of how an individual aversion can cut down an entire government. He is additionally the main individual who profited by this whole outrage.  

Elections in Madhya Pradesh and the Congress unit there were destroyed with in-battling. Both Jrotiraditya Scindia and Kamal Nath needed to lead the party and they made their aims understood to the High-Command. Everyone expected Scindia to lead Congress in MP as he was a nearby aide of Rahul Gandhi. In this way, it overwhelmed individuals when Gandhi went with Kamal Nath. It was Digvijay Singh's abhorrence with Scindia and this competition goes back to the contention of two past regal groups of Gwalior and Raghogarh, the families to which India and Singh have a place.  

The youths of Congress campaigned hard to let Scindia be their candidate for the post of CM. He was an ideal decision: instructed, brilliant, cherished by individuals and in particular, had a place with Rahul Gandhi's internal circles. He seemed as the uncontested victor right now. In any case, when Kamal Nath won the CM's seat, it appeared that by and by Sonia's clique Digvijay Singh won. A bombed government official attempting to annihilate the vocation of a promising youthful pioneer just to mollify some deep-rooted contention. Rahul Gandhi attempted to placate the two sides by tweeting a photo of him with Kamal Nath and Scindia, however, the breaks were too profound to be in any way put.  

In any case, Digvijay Singh wasn't finished endangering Scindia's odds in Congress at this time. Prior this year, Madhya Pradesh Congress should pick its new head. Scindia again advanced for the post and it was once more dismissed. Kamal Nath isn't only the CM yet additionally the gathering boss in MP. Scindia was not satisfactory to all groups, particularly to the group drove by Digvijay Singh.

Singh's heartfelt restriction has left the meriting leader like Scindia neglected to get the chance to serve in MP's most remarkable post. This further bothered Scindia's injuries. The last ammo was fired with respect to the RajyaSabha elections. Singh's intercession additionally winnowed Scindia's odds of winning a RajyaSabha seat from the state. Singh and Nath, who should be rivals collaborated and guaranteed that Scindia is side-lined at the gathering. All things considered, now they are without a doubt experiencing their own Karma.  

All things considered, the main individual who appears to have profited by the whole embarrassment political episode is Digvijay Singh. He was looking to discover significance in the gathering after his disgraceful annihilation against Pragya Thakur. This whole embarrassment took him back to the spotlight.

In claiming to settle this emergency, he increased both significance and regard from his gathering laborers. His ploy gave him the outcomes he needed. What a success win circumstance. With Scindia out of the picture and now even Kamal Nath gone, he would now be able to be the boss of Congress.

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