She Should Not Be Forgiven

23-Jan-2020 , Updated on 1/24/2020 6:00:16 AM

She Should Not Be Forgiven

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She should not be forgiven ever........... Afterall she hurt and tore you apart into pieces from which you cannot be rejoined again. You might be rejoined again through healing or with coming of a new healing 'she' partner but in the direst of the scenes, this is just a myth. 

You should never ever forgive that person who does not hold themselves responsible for the heinous sinful acts. Who is she to do this to you? She is the one who came to your life igniting the very precious spirit of love which was non-visible from your life. Then you start falling into her trap and you just become madly in love with but then comes the point when she suddenly stops loving as If you both had met on Tinder and it was a period of flirting session, offspring if precise. 

Now you do not know what to do and stop saying sorry for the mistakes which were never committed by you. She never loved or if she had there might be an issue due to which she broke up with you but again she should have told you before taking this step.  

The problem was never-ending the relationship but how the relationship ended. In this case, can you expect yourself to forgive her from the bottom of your heart? Hell no! She is no goddess or an angel, she is the evil lady who spoiled your innocence, betrayed you and used you for her own selfish love needs. 

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Once her lusty thirst was fulfilled she started to get rid of you and you could not imagine what happened to your beautiful but fake world. In this world, your desires were overplayed by self-centric interests. 

You should never forgive because If to err is human and to forgive is god but she does not match up to this tagline and thus you have the very right not to forgive her. Let her suffer because of your rejection to her shitty apology. When you say sorry for the mistakes of other people you are making yourself weaker but when you are not forgiving you are respecting yourself enough to become stronger, regenerated and healed. 

So go out there live your life and use your brain instead of heart when you are about to fall in love again but towards the end of your life do not forgive that person. Swear and remember this thing to yourself.....She can be forgotten but she should never be forgiven.

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