Firing in Allahabad University: What’s wrong with Allahabad security system?

12-Jun-2018 , Updated on 6/12/2018 3:54:52 AM

Firing in Allahabad University: What’s wrong with Allahabad security system?

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A MA first year student Nagendra of Allahabad University was shot at by an ex-student inside a classroom of the logic division at the Allahabad University grounds, the breaking points of Colonelganj police headquarters here on Thursday evening.  

According to police reports, the harmed understudy Nagendra Singh is seeking after his post-graduation in rationality and is an occupant of Jasra square of Allahabad region.

He is at present experiencing treatment at a private doctor's facility in the city and his condition is said to be steady.

SSP (Allahabad) Akash Kulhary stated, 'The blamed was distinguished as Sardar Singh, who is an occupant of Badlapur in Jaunpur.'

Police said according to primer police examinations the assault appeared to be driven by individual hostility.

Nagendra told the police that the denounced had supposedly entered the classroom when he and a gathering of understudies were talking about their semester examinations.

Kulhary who witnessed the whole incidence said that before anyone came forward to resist him Sardar took out his weapon and shot at Nagendra.

The SSP said that the charged was sent behind the bars regarding an endeavor to kill case (area 307 of IPC) in 2014, after which he was suspended from AU.

Sardar Singh is additionally blamed for assaulting another understudy 2014, after which he was removed from the Hindu inn where he had been staying wrongfully. The denounced had done his BA from the college in the vicinity of 2009 and 2012.

The whole incidence has raised so many questions on the security system and Allahabad Police. As it’s not even been a month when a lawyer was shot to death on road and now we are hearing a news in which a student is been shot in his classroom.

It’s disheartening to see a major lack in security systems I mean if the students are not secure in their classroom where are they…?

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