Need to Create a Supportive Work Environment for Women
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Need to Create a Supportive Work Environment for Women

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It is really very difficult for a woman to dedicate her full time in the care of her family, especially for those women who are highly educated and capable of doing much more than this. A woman who can utilize her knowledge in other fields as well, but due to family responsibilities, she is compelled to ignore all these things and just take care of her family. It is just because she doesn’t get much support from family to go out and work. If, after handling all these situations she started to work for herself and family allow as well. Then the problem is she has to handle both things simultaneously.

I was very young when my mother started working and for her, I witnessed the same situation. Single-handedly she had to manage everything whether it is breakfast or daily meal and going to office as well. It was really a very rough and difficult time for her to manage everything. I swear, if I had to manage all these things, then it wouldn’t have been possible for me. Everyone needs rest, but only she is the one who is not allowed to have rest for even an hour extra.

Need to Create a Supportive Work Environment for Women

After, so many years the situation is almost the same for women. If she wanted to work then she had to manage everything with work. Whereas, men’s are having the full liberty to only focus on their career and work. One side we say, both boy and girl child are equal for parents. Still, we give different teachings to our child, if she is a girl then it is compulsory for her to give priority to learning cooking and taking care of the family. In contrast to this, the boys are given the environment of freedom to the only study, have fun in their life, and had a bright career.

Despite saying so much equality for both the gender, why there is so much difference in the upbringing of both child? If parents do these types of discrimination then how we can expect that our daughter will get respect and good opportunity to establish her career while being with her husband and in-laws. In spite of all these problems, women’s are proving themselves in every field.

So, now it is high time to support them and educate them to make their career, instead of educating them to be loving and be a caretaker for her family. They also need equal opportunity and exposure in their life. It will boost up their confidence to do well in their life, and a feeling of self-respect will motivate them to achieve the impossible as well.

Need to Create a Supportive Work Environment for Women

The issue needs a thorough deliberation and being a society, we need to ask ourselves, ‘Are the married women are paying the penalty for making the choice of getting married and dedicating themselves to family responsibilities completely?’ May many separate families could not relate to this question and the feel of inequality. But the fact is every career women is suffering from this and even sacrificing her career for the sake of family and due to the cheap mentality of society. 

It is an urge from the society who are parents of someone, please don’t judge every woman if she is working and dedicated towards her career. If you can’t support her then don’t demotivate her either. You support your daughter but why things change on the name of the daughter-in-law. Treat her like your daughter as well, and you can see the difference in the level of happiness in your family. It’s just they only need little support from you being her family.

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