Need to Create a Supportive Work Environment for Women
Societal Changes

Need to Create a Supportive Work Environment for Women

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  1. Arti Mishra

    Whatever has been mentioned in the last paragraph,  like that- “please don’t judge every woman if she is working and dedicated towards her career. If you can’t support her then don’t demotivate”.

    It has become the reality of today, that instead of supporting others, they have to disturb them and seek out the fault of other and keep looking down at all times in front of everyone, instead of support , doing all these things.

    But why not understand “No one is perfect in this world”, there is some lack of everyone , rather than finding lack in the others, make yourself perfect. And I really, always respect those peoples who respect others.

    "And at this time,  womens are not unsuccessful in comparision of males, to do any work in any fields."

    “Nice View !!! Utkarsha, keep up the great writing. All the best”.

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Need to Create a Supportive Work Environment for Women
Societal Changes
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