Paint My City Campaign


Paint My City Campaign

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At a time when the entire Prayagraj city is all decked up to welcome lakhs of pilgrims and tourist for the 45 days long 2019, Kumbh Mela. Before that, the whole city has undergone an overall renovation, whether it’s about adding the new infrastructure or the beautification of the city. For the beautification of the city, the government comes up with a ‘Paint My City’ campaign. It involved a huge army of painters to fill the whole city with bright colors. For them, the whole city became a canvas, and over that, they are putting their talent and all the hard work to make it worth.  

Paint My City Campaign

All the paintings follow a theme and depict the mythological and religious story. These beautiful paintings every time attract the attention of everyone, whether he or she is a pilgrim, tourist or a daily-goer. Every time all these beautiful paintings left you with a Wow!! on your face. The painters are doing their work with sheer precision and full dedication. The night and day don’t matter to them. The various paintings on the wall and pillars of the bridge, even the government, and private buildings are also under this beautification campaign. Each painting depicts some story related to the city, like the portraits of famous personalities who belonged to the city, as well as the historical monuments of the city were painted on the wall. In addition to this, the images of Gods and Goddesses, Cows, Sadhus, and many more are the part of the painting. 

Paint My City Campaign 

Not only the walls, all the railway stations in the city, as well as the trees been painted in the ‘Arail area’, where the arrangement of staying for foreign tourists has been done. So, it’s been a very appreciable step by the government, who took the initiative to attract the tourist not only during Kumbh Mela duration but also on odd times as well.

The Paint My City Campaign, is just not for the Mela duration. The campaign will leave an everlasting legacy in the city of Prayagraj even after the completion of the Kumbh Mela 2019, and will tremendously add to the aesthetic value of various sites and location of the Prayagraj City.

Paint My City Campaign

I would say, not even the single road has been left near the mela area from the Paint My City Campaign. All the streets and buildings are dipped into the historical and mythological spirit. And it’s been the tremendous last 2 years, in which the whole city witnessed such a large-scale change in the city.  

Paint My City Campaign

After all these appreciation and good work by the government for the improvement of the city. At last the most important thing to highlight is that it’s been an urge from the citizen of the city to all the other citizens that please, respect all these efforts and don’t ruin it. All the commuters, it a request to you all that, please don’t spit or urinate anywhere and destroy the beautiful art and the new infrastructure.

Please, keep this in mind that, it is only we who can keep the city clean for forever. The government and the sweepers can clean the city once but keeping it clean for a longer period of time is only up to you. So, please respect the effort of every individual who contributed and did their hard work for making the city like this.

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