Hygiene and Health
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16-Oct-2018 , Updated on 12/23/2022 2:59:54 AM

Hygiene and Health

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Health is of course the most important thing in one life and it is indeed accepted all over the world. But still, I do consider that as a nation, we need to raise more awareness programs towards it. Not only health but also the thing which accompany health everywhere, ‘hygiene’ should be taken into account. The government is actively doing its part in this context in the name of ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. It is us now who must take the plunge now.

The first thing which appears in mind when I talk of health and hygiene, especially when I am from Uttar Pradesh, is ‘Gutkha’, ‘Pan Masala’, ‘Tobacco’ or whatever one calls it. There is all and plenty wrong with such addictions. First and foremost of all the cons of it is that it badly affects the person addicted as it is way harmful for the human body. Next thing follows as the addicts spit out the residue or throw out the packet or both. I have never seen any addict who looks for a dustbin or a proper place to dispose his packet or spit out the residue. They spit out the residue wherever they want. The washbasins of trains, the walls of public places, and the roads are all dingy and the reason is the community of addicts of ‘Gutkha’.

Other than that, pollution should be considered as threat to health. We lose 2 millions of lives every year due to pollution and India ranks first among the countries for the most number of deaths due to pollution. Public transportation, planting of trees can prove helpful. We must try to limit our usage of motor vehicles, if possible.

The habit to throw packets, waste material as wrappers of toffees, chocolates, plastic cups, peels etc. should be changed too for a cleaner India. The steps can look small but can prove effective when comes into practice. We must never throw packets on road, instead should keep it with ourselves and dispose it later. People can see with surprise or can even make fun but will definitely serve as an example to many, a soldier of hygiene and health and a change to our country.


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