Is it Time to Dump Gandhi's Teachings?


Is it Time to Dump Gandhi's Teachings?

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Gandhi the preacher of non-violence, the prominent leader of India’s struggle of Independence. However, now in 21st Century the question arises do these teachings and his path still works in the drastically changed world? His principles that he can win the world with love to maintain peace, but is it really possible now. Where in today’s world everyone like to follow the policy of tit for tat.

His famous teaching, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. But do these disciples still work in society? People don’t like to change themselves, everyone wants change in society but at what cost. No one wants to be the initiator to lead the change. His teachings of love, non-violence, caste difference, and many others.

Is it Time to Dump Gandhi

All these teachings have been diminished somewhere, no one has time to spread love to their surroundings, as their life is very fast and busy. Nowadays, people don’t have time for their family then how come they can spread happiness to their surroundings. As people say, it is not their job, they had other work to do. Now, society became very selfish and self-centered.

In contrast to all his teachings, he was quite the opposite man what he makes people see and he was. He was like a man with two different faces and both the faces are not visible to all. All his not so famous or we say, his personal life has been kept hidden from the world. Still, the historians try to get these stories out and show his real face to the society.

It has been majorly believed among the freedom fighters that he was one who only believes over his methods. For him, non-violence was not the path for freedom and he even played the very nice political game to save his image. Just take an example of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru’s punishment of death sentence. Many freedom fighters believed only Gandhi was the one who can save them. In this respect, Gandhi talked to the British Government and it was believed that Gandhi was having the plus point with him and he can make the government remove their death sentence.

Is it Time to Dump Gandhi

But, the things came out completely opposite in front of all the freedom fighters. He didn’t try his best to convince the British Government to remove their death sentence. In addition to this, Gandhi was also held responsible for the partition of India. Gandhi’s choice to heir Nehru as the Prime Minister of India, but the critics feel he was a power-hungry person and was very much insecure to Jinnah.

Gandhi took non-violence as a way to violence, where he strongly opposed the Communal Award on the grounds. And to make his protest count, he started an indefinite hunger strike at Yarwada Central Jail on September 20, 1932. And this activity made Ambedkar at an inappropriate place. And with this, he manipulated the work of Ambedkar by following the non-violence path in a violent way.

After getting into the reality of these types of incidences the things become quite clear for the people not to follow the teachings of Gandhi because be real to yourself and to the world. Having a fake face in front of people doesn’t always work.

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