Sub-Standard Engineering Colleges in India


Sub-Standard Engineering Colleges in India

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With each passing year, the standard of Education of Engineering and Technology is declining rapidly. However, the World’s Top 100 Universities in Engineering and Technology in 2019, do not include any Indian University or College. The standard of Engineering Education is declining as there is no proper format and updated guidelines for maintaining the standard of education.

India is a part of BRICS countries, and in the educational standard of all these countries except India all other countries have their institution in World’s Top 100 Universities. It is a very saddening condition for India which produces top class Engineers but doesn’t have even a single quality education Institute. This is due to the lame and irresponsible attitude of Educational Authorities. The Course of Engineering Institutes has not been updated for 3 decades. In contrast to this, the technology has been changed drastically.

Sub-Standard Engineering Colleges in India

There are about 5000 Engineering Institutes in India but more than 70% of colleges lack basic facilities like practical culture, good and qualified faculties. Everything is so much manipulated in India that the illiterates, the goons or dons are owning an educational institute, these people who don’t know the meaning and value of education. Due to which, private institute education has just become a business to make good money. These illiterate owners appoint unqualified faculty and those who demand a very low salary. These people are just playing with the future of the students and the country as well.

Not only Private Institutes, however, the Government Institutes like IITs and NITs are also not up to the mark. The syllabus they are following has been not updated from the last 15-20 years. As every student expect and assume that he/she is in the top institute of the country but ultimately they end up with just basic and bookish knowledge. No Practical teaching or learning has been motivated in almost every institute.

Sub-Standard Engineering Colleges in India

Every year, a huge number of student’s pass as an Engineering Graduate, but only 10-15 percent of all the pass outs are eligible for a good job. Which leaves a huge pool of Graduate Students without a proper job. If we see the other phase of the coin, the students who are taking education in the IITs and NITs of Country and are getting a good amount of fee relaxation but after all this they seek for job in other developed countries, then what is the benefit India will get in educating them and giving fee relaxation as well.

In almost every field, India has been compared with its neighboring Country China. Though China is a great competitor for India, in education, India lacks far behind from China. China promotes higher education three folds than India and produce many qualified and educated students every year as compared to India. As well as, China also provides a good number of well-funded Universities which encourage higher education.

Sub-Standard Engineering Colleges in India

India needs to focus on improving the standard of education and producing good students. But with this level of pathetic teaching conditions, we can’t expect much. It is high time when the authorities need to make a strict attitude towards improving the future of the country which is maximally based on the education level of the countrymen.

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