Government going to get tough on road safety rules....!
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Government going to get tough on road safety rules....!

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Now driving vehicles in an alcoholic state or talking on mobile can prove to be expensive for you. As to curb road accidents, the government is going to take tough steps now. Apart from this, there is a plan to take steps to prevent corruption in the transport and traffic department. All measures have been taken in this Batwad Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2017. After a long spell, this bill has passed in both the Houses. After the President's approval, this law will come into force. Let's know what special in this bill.

Ten thousand rupees fine on driving and drinking alcohol
In the new law, after drunken driving, the fine of two thousand rupees has been increased to ten thousand rupees. On the other hand, if you talk about a mobile phone, you have to pay a fine of five thousand instead of one thousand. Instead of running a license vehicle, a penalty of five thousand rupees will be given instead of five hundred rupees.

Government going to get tough on road safety rules....!

Apart from this, a person has to pay a thousand rupees if found jumping red light or not wearing a seat belt. If you are caught wearing a helmet on a motorcycle then you will have to pay a thousand rupees. Not only this, the driver of a minor will have to pay a penalty of 25 thousand rupees to his guardian. Apart from this there is also a provision of three years of sentence.

In the event of the death of the victim, ten times the compensation provision has been made. In all the offenses, penalties will be increased by ten percent every year. In the case of a road accident, the driver will be sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for two years instead of two years. However, the amount of penalty will increase from 25 thousand to two lakh rupees in the hit and run case.

Lakhs of people are being killed every year in road accidents

Road accidents every year in the country are a matter of concern for the government and the people. These accidents are getting higher on highways. If there were three years of road accidents, more than five lakh road accidents had occurred in 2015.

Government going to get tough on road safety rules....!

In this one lakh 46 thousand people were killed. In the year 2016, there were four lakh 80 thousand road accidents in which one lakh 50 thousand people died. Similarly, in the year 2017, there were four lakh 60 thousand incidents, in which one lakh 46 thousand people were killed due to an untimely death.

United Nations Concern
The United Nations has set a goal of reducing road accidents across the world by 50 percent by the year 2020. Therefore, the year 2011 to 2020 has been adopted as a decade for road safety. The huge increase in the number of vehicles in urbanization and traffic is being said to be the major reason. The International Road Association claims that around 12 lakh people lose their lives every year around the world. The direct impact of this death falls on 50 lakh people.

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