Toll Tax on Naini Bridge: Are locals liable to pay?

Those who come by car have to pay 20 rupees on one side and 30 rupees on both sides. Commercial light vehicles have to pay 35 rupees on one side and 50 rupees on both sides. Buses are taken 70 for one side and 105 rupees for both sides and Rs. 80 for one side of trucks and 115 rupees for both sides.  

But wait…..!

Because this is not the way it looks like coz I have seen a huge lack of management in the toll tax collection booth in Naini Bridge. As there is no systematic way of tax collection as often times the taxes are been collected fairly and most of the times it isn’t.

And what if a person have to travel from Naini to Allahabad 10 times a day coz Naini Bridge is the only source to get connected with the main city.

Firstly locals are not liable to pay a single penny on toll tax whose vehicle registration is of Allahabad. Folks which are visiting from outer cities are liable to pay such taxes.

I have seen that staff of Toll Tax department is not strictly following the regulation as sometimes they charge the taxes but several they just leave the vehicle to go away. They charge from a few people and they don't charge and let a few people leave.

Toll Tax on Naini Bridge: Are locals liable to pay?

On the off chance that they charge then it ought to be actualized entirely and taken after by all. This is a ridiculous disturbance and cheats the Toll charge staff are doing. This must be checked and halted without a moment's delay. Local leaders, MLAs, and other sound personnel hardly pay taxes at such toll booths. I have witnessed such acts uncountable number of times.

Even SSP Nitin Tiwari don’t have an answer on this issue

Recently CEO of our company Uttam Misra discussed this issue with him but even the SP wasn’t able to give any satisfactory answer on such issue. So the only question he asked was why are the local citizen of Allahabad are liable to pay toll taxes on Naini Bridge when they are already been charged the road tax amount at the time of vehicle registration.

And if it’s been taken it should be taken from each and every citizen who is using the particular services no matter he is an MLA, local leader or any kind of sound personnel.

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Arti Mishra

Arti Mishra 3 months ago  Reply

Yes! Local people should also be responsible for paying toll tax on the Naini Bridge as it is necessary for everyone to contribute in the development of the country.  And to pay toll tax on Naini Bridge, digital systems should be used so that people do not face serious problems like traffic.

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