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Call Shaktimaan as Allahabad authorities have failed once more....!

How is the picture? Yeah, I am asking to you all how it is. I snapped this picture in the morning while my way to the workplace and I found this really interesting. Now I guess we the folks of Allahabad don’t get astonished seeing

Government going to get tough on road safety rules....!

Now driving vehicles in an alcoholic state or talking on mobile can prove to be expensive for you. As to curb road accidents, the government is going to take tough steps now. Apart from this, there is a plan to take steps to prevent corrupt

Over loaded school buses a neglected issue which could led to major fatalities

The wellbeing of school-going youngsters has been put to hazard in Allahabad as over-burden school transports, vans, and even auto-rickshaw decline to vanish from city streets regardless of obvious rules from the Allahabad High Court.<

Road safety system: What India needs to inherit instantly from other countries

Road safety is one of the biggest concern for our country right now, in my previous write up, I shared a view in which I revealed some disheartening fact about fatalities which occur in India. We lack in resources, we are fighting with pop

Roads accident: Leading cause of death

Our country tops in the list of countries where accident related deaths occur the most. The frequency of traffic collisions is the highest in our country according to A National Crime Records Bureau.Well, I wasn’t ready to believe

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