Road safety system: What India needs to inherit instantly from other countries

Road safety is one of the biggest concern for our country right now, in my previous write up, I shared a view in which I revealed some disheartening fact about fatalities which occur in India. We lack in resources, we are fighting with population control, we lack in having a proper approach towards this particular concern and we also lack a proper and systematic authority which could understand the seriousness of this issue. 

India is on the top of the list across the globe for having huge stats of deaths which occur due to road accidents.

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So as I have come up with the heading that our country needs to inherit a proper road safety system here I have a brought down a list of countries which are having a super secure road. Well, it doesn’t mean that no accident takes place in these countries yes it does… but the instant reaction, active behavior of authorities, rules and guidelines and appropriate system leads to security and safety of an individual.


Until 1991, Japan's street fatalities were having disturbing figures, however, after fixing of laws and government-drove mindfulness programs to make its streets among the most secure on the planet. One of the greatest components adding to this has been the administration's attention on research to make and present more secure foundation and activity administration frameworks.

Japan has a zero percent of blood-liquor level standard for drivers and people found driving impaired can confront detainment for up to 15 years.

Japanese kids learning road safety:

The nation's street security approach centers on decreasing the quantity of on-street crashes and has reserved regions that are ok for walkers.


With a portion of the most secure streets on the planet, a fascinating aspect regarding Norway's street wellbeing standards is that, paying little heed to the time or the deceivability, having your headlights on while driving is required. This, apparently, diminishes the danger of impact, as even on a splendid radiant day, recognizing an auto with headlights on is simpler.

As per its National Plan of Action for Road Traffic Safety 2014– 2017, Norway expects to cut down its figure of fatalities and serious wounds considerably by 2024. In 2015, 117 people died and 693 individuals were extremely harmed in street mischances. These figures have gone around generally more than 40 for every penny in the most recent decade, being 224 passing in 2005.

Pre-understanding every aspect of building a highway in Norway by authorities:

Rules are strict and a wide range of forceful driving, (for example, hazardous overwhelming) is viewed as an offense in the nation. Also, surpassing is demoralized and is just allowed on long straight streets with a lot of receivability. 


Sweden is an ideal for a comprehensive way to deal with street wellbeing. In the year 1997, Sweden embraced a 'Dream Zero' strategy in light of "no death toll was worthy" and that instead of endeavoring to adjust human conduct, the attention ought to be on outlining a superior arrangement of streets and other foundation, vehicle innovation, and authorization.

Today, the nation has low-speed limits, a person on foot zones, and isolated vehicular movement. A standout amongst the best security measures, as indicated by experts, is the '2+1' streets. These are 3-path streets have two paths devoted to vehicles moving one way and one of those heading in the other and these are changed each couple of kilometers. This anticipates over speeding and surpassing.

Vision zero module by Sweden: 

The experts are likewise wagering enthusiastic about self-driving autos to cut down mischance rates. In 2017, the Swedish Transport Ministry will run an experimental run program of self-sufficient autos in an organization with Volvo.

In 2015, Sweden had a revealed street mischance passing rate of 2.8 for every 1, 00,000. At the point when the Vision Zero was propelled, these figures were 7 for each 1, 00,000.


Aside from entirely implementing speed limits and other street controls (combined with soak fines and disciplines for guilty parties), Singapore sends a considerable measure of innovation to protect drivers including 'preemptive guidance lights' that advise drivers about up and coming activity lights and 'Your Speed Signs' that are live electronic signs which figure and show the ongoing paces of vehicles.

Shell Traffic games for youngsters in Singapore:

As of late, Singapore has been making a push to enhance person on foot wellbeing, especially for kids and the elderly. 'Silver zones' with bringing down speed limits, smaller paths, and dividers between paths to diminish the length to be strolled at one stretch and enable senior subjects to rest amidst the intersection are being presented in neighborhoods.  


Disregarding being a nation with overwhelmingly sloping landscape and a serious winter that can regularly thwart driving, Switzerland is reliably positioned among nations with the most secure streets.

Switzerland has brought down speed limits than the vast majority of its European partners. In developed territories, the breaking point is set at 50 km/hour. Contrasted with this, Sweden has a most extreme utmost of 70 km/hour while Norway has one of 80 km/hour. Even the drivers which are been found driving after alcohol consumption has to instantly lose their license.

Car Crash test for safety and security in Switzerland:

So one thing which was common among all the countries was their strict and active rules towards the road safety. Though these countries have some different aspects too like their literacy rate, educated folks and self-awareness is higher than our country which somehow changes the scenario too.  

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AMANDEEP SINGH 3 months ago  Reply

LIDAR Gun should be handed over to Indian cops

Light and simple to utilize, the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) firearm is an instrument that causes law masters to catch and book vehicles that cross as far as possible. The firearm produces an undetectable infrared bar which can focus on an individual vehicle and gauge whether it is abusing as far as possible or not founded on varieties recorded in the light. The gadget takes not as much as one moment to appraise a vehicle's speed and is very precise. 

LIDAR weapons can likewise gauge the separation between two vehicles which can help distinguish examples of closely following (when the vehicles are excessively close), and record and store pictures of tags.

These gadgets have been around for some time and now are broadly utilized by movement police in nations like the United Kingdom and the United States.

Arti Mishra

Arti Mishra 3 months ago  Reply

Speed Indication Display should be allocated on expressways

In light of the possibility that non-fierce admonitions can be similarly compelling to keep individuals from spurning activity controls – Speed Indication Displays are advanced speed sheets that are introduced on streets to advise vehicles whether they are under the breaking point or not. The majority of these sorts of gadgets are fitted with a radar sensor which can gauge the speed of vehicles and presentations this data on a LED show for the vehicles.

While a portion of these may essentially tell individuals in the event that they are rolling over and under as far as possible, others show continuous paces for every vehicle.

Some are additionally fit for snapping and putting away pictures of speeding vehicles.  
Speed Indication Displays are as of now being utilized as a part of Singapore and UK, and the Government of India's proposed Integrated Traffic Management System likewise recommends utilizing these.

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