Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

First of all I wanna shout out loud to those who think they are doing something heroic by teasing a woman, Calling by their names on streets, following them on roads, passing lewd comments, taking photographs, chasing their scooter with your bike, showing a mirror in wide sunlight on their eyes because this is not just teasing as these activities are simply considered as harassment.  

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

And second thing which hurts the most that the cases of eve teasing have never been a matter of concern for police. They just don’t understand the intensity of such cases and ignore such cases saying these things happen. Why are these laws enforced for when they are not even initiated when the police refuse to register a complaint and laughs off at such heinous acts, it just gives those creeps power to exercise their nasty deeds on women.

By insolent questions like “What clothes you were wearing that day?” just make a joke of the victim.

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

And the third disheartening thing..... our so-called society and socialized folks

  • This is not abroad, you cannot wear what you want.
  • Don’t follow western society, you will only suffer.
  • Men are not used to seeing women like this at their homes.
  • You must have kept your head down.
  • You should have worn a dupatta.
  • You should have come back home before 7 PM.
  • You shouldn’t have taken the cab/train alone.

Don’t tell me I am exaggerating - I have heard this all these things were said to girls in my surrounding. A simple question which arises always in my mind is a big Why…………..?  

Why our society implements so many unnecessary rules on women’s? What is wrong with our society?

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

As per my perception, these are the primary reason which leads rise in eve-teasing cases:

Lack of interaction

The less interaction between Man and Women at school and college level. Frankly, the rate of unmarried frustrated men indulging is eve teasing is higher than married men in India. I have seen among my friend who was among the company of women tend to be more empathetic and well behaved while those only with men were boorish and displayed lack of emotion.

Sex Education

Both men and women are not given free and fair sex education. Their only education is biological functions of penis and vagina. They learn about sex seeing how honey bee impregnates a flower ;).

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

Laws on sexual and rights on sexual harassment

Both men and women are not taught about their rights and law on eve teasing and sexual harassment. Once everyone is taught, made understood about their rights and the stick laws on sexual harassment, things would change. For example, if there is regular eve teaser in the community, the people can make a video of the person, collect witnesses and launch an FIR along with a lawyer. The police will take the action.

Patriarchal Society Our society is patriarchal which is around dominating men. Even now in tier 2 and backward, the position of women is discriminated. They are still considered good enough only for household work. It is pathetic but it is true. 

With this write up, I appeal to all the fellas who are reading this or going to read this to take a stand against such creepy crime which is not been considered a major crime. Those who say it’s not that major crime you should just go and just ask a girl a victim who has gone through and dealt with it.

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

Eve teasing has often times been a reason because of which girls are depressed deep inside. We talk becoming a developed nation, becoming a superpower but just think for a while that can we achieve such heights when the girls aren’t even comfortable going out on roads.

We talk about women empowerment and then end up the listening the news that girl getting harassed on street. So we need a change a change in our perception, thought process, lifestyle to make our society a better place for women.

"The empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description"

Pawan Shukla

Pawan Shukla 5 months ago  Reply

It all begins at home- Parents are so keen on seeing their children become rich and educated - IIT coaching from 6th Grade, CAT coaching from 11th grade - Start teaching what’s right and wrong from the time your kids start to talk. For that parents need to be progressive and must not be close-minded when it comes to gender equality, consent, etc.

Tarun Gautam

Tarun Gautam 5 months ago  Reply

Every girl must be taught how to report a crime. A lot of women, especially teens, keep their harassment a secret from their parents. They fail to ask for help. It is important to ask help.

Aditya Kumar Patel

Aditya Kumar Patel 5 months ago  Reply

A girls clothes, her drinking habits, or her previous mistakes doesn’t give you a right to harass/bully/tease/harm her now. And, no one should point that as a reason when she asks for help.

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akriti kashyap

akriti kashyap 5 months ago  Reply

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

Movies must stop glorifying rape, eve teasing, and moral policing culture. There are a lot of aspects of commercial cinema that can make the movie entertaining without objectifying or degrading women and making it look okay.

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Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar 5 months ago  Reply

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

Proper police support - as I said, eve teasing is not a petty crime. Each college and school must come under a particular police station - irrespective of whether the crime takes place inside or outside the campus, the concerned station must take charge.

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