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All you need to know about Domestic Violence

The in-laws used to force me for too much household work that nails of my hands fell down, the husband grabbed the hair of my head in the greed of money, just because I was a girl, so my family threw me down from the moving train.<

Gender Inequality still one of the major flaw in our society...!

For a long time, it was trusted that the distinctive attributes, parts, and status concurred to ladies and men in the public eye are controlled by sex, that they are characteristic and in this way not variable. Sex is seen firmly identified wit

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

First of all I wanna shout out loud to those who think they are doing something heroic by teasing a woman, Calling by their names on streets, following them on roads, passing lewd comments, taking photographs, chasing their scooter with your

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