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Defecation in open: A leading cause of assaults

So, I woke up in the morning and I read this…..Two village girls who went to relieve themselves early in the morning went missing and after a search of the whole day by villagers, they were been found dead hanged on a Banya

Fearless criminals roaming all over the city

A sensational incident happened on Saturday afternoon in Madhwapur. The student of a 12th standard at the tea shop was shot. Four youths riding the bike carried out the incident and after fleeing, fleeing. The police, who reached the inform

Firing in Allahabad University: What’s wrong with Allahabad security system?

A MA first year student Nagendra of Allahabad University was shot at by an ex-student inside a classroom of the logic division at the Allahabad University grounds, the breaking points of Colonelganj police headquarters here on Thursday even

A senior lawyer shot to death on road: Is Allahabad Secure?

A 45-year-old region court legal advisor, Rajesh Srivastava, was shot dead by bicycle-borne attackers close Manmohan Park crossing in Katra region in Colonelganj police zone on Thursday morning when he would go to the court.As the news spre

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

First of all I wanna shout out loud to those who think they are doing something heroic by teasing a woman, Calling by their names on streets, following them on roads, passing lewd comments, taking photographs, chasing their scooter with your

Child Trafficking: Taking away the childhood......!

Our country is full of flaws and child trafficking is another serious matter of concern as per the report published by the U.S Department of state India has become the foremost destination and a transit country where women and children are subj

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