#MeToo Wave Eyeing on More
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#MeToo Wave Eyeing on More

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  1. Vishal-Kesarwani

    When a person is a bit sound in a society a simple sentence said by him spreads like fire. I hope you remember the actor "Shini Ahuja" whose career ended in hell right after he was found guilty for harassing her maid. He was also an actor but all legal actions were been taken against him. I don't find this "me too" movement concept too much sensible. Because everyone is just sharing there past experiences where they didn't take a single step to restrict it and now using this silly # and becoming a part of it. People should understand that our system is not that weak which can't handle such issues. Blabbering things on social media is simple.........! Sorry to say but one can't get justice by this. Instead, a person should instantly take legal actions if such things are happening in his/her surrounding.

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