What made it #MeToo

The talk of the town today, #MeToo is evolving day by day by leaps and bounds. The ugly reality of sexual assault is now coming to light. Though the fact that an allegation cannot be taken as the blot on a person but on considering the law of balance of nature, all the women stating #MeToo cannot be disingenuous.

It is as true as itself that men have dominated the society for long and the women have been abused. Not to entertain the gender debate, women have been suppressed and it is a deal difficult for women to make themselves stand in any profession and to exacerbate the things, women are seen as mere sex object or a showpiece or a medium to sate the desires.

#MeToo basically talks of the men who are appraised as gentle in the society but are not as gentle when they actually ought to be. #MeToo is not the sudden outburst if women neither a propaganda to defame men but the need of the hour to imply equality, self-respect, respect for labour and right against exploitation in truest of its sense.

The culprits of #MeToo must have considered the women weak enough to ever gather the courage to speak for herself or try to retaliate. The movement is undubiously a prior alarm to the potential culprits of #MeToo. No wrong must be tolerated otherwise it spreads as vast as #MeToo. The one among all the major reasons for the #MeToo is that women have somewhere or the other have failed to stand for themselves against the exploitation but ahead of it a question lies as “Was Is our society prudent and approachable enough or the people and the system are acute enough to hear a women’s voice where she has been put into as difficult a situation as #MeToo?” where victim can be made feel more culprit than the culprit.

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