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Religious conflicts: A never ending trail of our country

Our constitution proclaims the nation to be mainstream and there is a custom of celebrating and grasping religious assorted variety. Be that as it may, India's history is likewise defaced by conflicts between individuals of various religiou

What’s the problem with Indian Politics…..?

Majority rules system hypothetically is such a mirror where we can see our pictures obviously. Yet, the mirror additionally fills in as a way to that darkroom simply behind it where our delegates are allowed to take choices to serve their o

Government schools still waiting for students…….!

There is nothing astonishing that achievement levels and learning results of understudies in tuition based schools are far better than government schools. A report by NCAER indicates that 65 percent of tuition based school understudies ready to me

Poverty: The Worst form of silence....!

India is one of the most invaded places in the world throughout the recorded history. When you have too many invasions and fallen kingdoms every 100 - 150 years you lose stability. Your culture, history, knowledge, and economy gets destroye

Roads accident: Leading cause of death

Our country tops in the list of countries where accident related deaths occur the most. The frequency of traffic collisions is the highest in our country according to A National Crime Records Bureau.Well, I wasn’t ready to believe

"Crisis in India’s healthcare system"

We are now habitual of considering crisis as a genuine concern in any sort of issues which takes place in our country just because we are overpopulated. No wonder we are now more than 1.3 billion people but then too health care system is so

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