Pollution alert in Gomti river front Lucknow....!


Pollution alert in Gomti river front Lucknow....!

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Talk about the beauty of Lucknow and Riverfront of Gomti River does not come in your jaw, it cannot be so. Gomti Riverfront has been praising Uttar Pradesh's former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav's dream project and has earned praise and headlines across the country. The people of Lucknow also take Akhilesh Yadav's name for this saga.  

On the evening of Awadh, every person who is coming out of the river with a light-colored illumination sees the edge of the colorful water falling from the lustre fountain and Gomti Bridge. At the time of the evening, numerous folks visit Gomti and take pictures who took selfies on the bridge visit in uncountable numbers.

Pollution alert in Gomti river front Lucknow....!

Interesting features in riverfront

This riverfront of Gomti is spread in 8 kms. There are some features in this Riverfront that which are to be constructed later as the project has been on a stay from around one year. There is soft skaping on the riverfront, lake with a musical fountain, water sports, cruise and many types of tracks have been made in terms of health, including cycling, walking and jogging track. There are also good arrangements for people to visit here on the side of the riverfront.

Special arrangements for tourists

World Class Gomti Riverfront has many facilities for tourists including sports, excursions, cycling, sailing. Gomti Riverfront has two major parking zones for parking of about 300 trains. At the same time, around 250 CCTVs have been installed in Gomti Riverfront for safety.

Pollution alert in Gomti river front Lucknow....!

What’s special about the riverfront?

  • There are many large landscapes in the Gomti Riverfront.
  • Gomti Riverfront has colorful fountains in many places which enhance its beauty after the evening. 
  • Sailing is the biggest attraction in Gomti, for which there are many ghats. 
  • There are special arrangements of greenery in the park. Many types of trees have been planted in Wetland, in which bird’s twilight enters the minds of visitors.
  • There are small playgrounds and parks for small children to play. Where children come and play their favorite game.
  • There are many species of flowers in Gomti riverfront, which make up the beauty of the beauty here.
  • Gomti Riverfront is free and it's free to roam. So people like to come here more.
  • People of every age group come to Gomti River Front and show their beauty.


Cleanliness and keeping the whole space of riverfront pollution free is now a much bigger challenge for the government and authorities. Well, the issue of pollution aroused because of the careless attitude of people towards keeping the clean space.

Inspired from wetland area Putrajaya Lake and wetland, Malaysia the Gomti riverfront project is one among the best modern architecture in India. The project is still not completely finished as previous year due to some sort of conflict the construction has been stopped. Now as the riverfront is visiting spot for various folks it cleanliness has become a major issue. The authority seems to be lenient over it as recently I visited this place and I found that stray dogs are roaming all over the areas, poly bags, disposals, plastic bags been thrown which looked awful.

Pollution alert in Gomti river front Lucknow....!

Even Ganga Gomti's presence is becoming increasingly worrisome year after year. The number of governments that have changed in UP has not changed the look of Gomti. While sitting in government offices, people talk about cleansing Gomti, but reality can be estimated by looking at the misery of Gomati.

However, the state government is making beautiful Gomti coast these days, as well as work to remove silts from Gomti. In spite of this, Gomti is falling like a drain.

Although governance and administration may talk a lot about the cleaning of Gomti, the realization of reality can be gauged from the sudden. The aquatic creatures are dying in Gomti. People are getting sick from drinking contaminated water. The river is shrinking, it is drying and its water flow is also decreasing.

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