Google Docs to get a fresh new look


Google Docs to get a fresh new look

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Nearly every facet of our professional lives is now facilitated by Google Workspace apps. Every app, from Docs to Spreadsheets, has benefited working professionals worldwide. Google's utility apps are frequently reinvented in terms of features and interfaces, just like the majority of apps. 

According to a new report, Google is redesigning its Workspace apps. Google's Material Design 3 will soon be available in Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The recently updated look of Gmail is said to be heavily incorporated into the new design.

The search engine giant appears to be planning to emphasize the toolbar and comments section's dark tones in the white design. With the new update, the Share button will have rounded edges.

Additionally, Google has enhanced Drive to make it simpler for users to complete routine tasks. When they hover over a file in Google Drive, users will now be able to view, share, download, and delete multiple files online. Users will also be able to search for content types, owners, and last modified dates in the most recent interface. Users will have quicker access to their files thanks to this.

The smart canvas from Google now has more features. On its blog, it stated, "We're excited to share more about the innovations in smart canvas and a refreshed user interface that break down app boundaries and streamline work flow." Google has announced additional smart chip-related features to assist users in making data-driven decisions. It is known that smart chips enable users to access context-setting information directly from Sheets. 

In order to support a variety of projects, Google is currently expanding the kinds of data and information that can be accessed in Workspace. The spreadsheet's new features, which aim to improve data efficiency and improve data recovery, include smart chip data extraction, smart chip placement, and smart chip financing. 

In addition, the Calendar Invite Template, Custom Building, Variables, Emoji Voting chips, and capabilities for third-party smart chips have been added to Google's interface. In the upcoming weeks, all of these updates will be available.

Some of the changes you can expect to see include:

  • A simpler interface that makes it easier to find the features you need
  • New tools to help you insert images and videos more easily
  • Better support for real-time collaboration with other

According to a report published by Android Central, Google Docs will receive a stopwatch chip, an emoji voting chip, and a brand-new template for calender event invites. When a stopwatch chip is inserted, the timer can be started, stopped, and reset as needed.

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