Most Expensive Smartphones in the World
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Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

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Smartphones are almost ubiquitous everywhere, and our society is heavily tech-focused. Although most phones appear to be interchangeable with the exception of a few operational details, some are on a completely different level. These are some of the world's most expensive smartphones for tech enthusiasts because they combine design and functionality in truly original ways.

Here are the list of the most expensive mobile phones in the world

Vertu Signature Cobra : Vertu is a renowned luxury phone brand that started as an offshoot of Nokia. The Signature Cobra may be their best creation. The phone, which was designed by French jewelers Boucheron and is limited to eight pieces worldwide, has been assembled by hand to add an extra touch of artisanship. The most distinctive feature of the gold-plated body is the jewelled cobra that wraps around the phone and is made of solid gold, white diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

Price : $3,10,000

Goldvish revolution : This piece demonstrates that the Swedish brand goldvish created something very special, as can be seen from the way it looks. The phone features materials such as white gold, rose gold, leather, diamonds, and sapphire glass, giving it a more appealing shape than the square designs of the majority of smartphones. It even has an analog watch that can be taken off for more individuality. There are only 32 pieces in the world, and their rarity is only going to grow over time.

Price :  $4,88,150

Goldvish Le million : This incredible phone in the shape of a dagger, which was once the world's most expensive phone, brings Goldvish back to the top of the list. The body is adorned with 120 carats of diamonds and is made of 18-karat white gold. Le Million can only contain three pieces, just like Jackpot.

Price : $ 1.3 Million

Iphone King Button : The King's Button, another creation by Aloisson and possibly his most well-known to date, is made of 18-karat yellow, white, and rose gold. 138 diamonds make up the white gold, which is shaped like a strip that runs along the phone's edges. Naturally, the "King's Button," a 6.6-carat diamond that takes the place of the home button, is what really sets this phone apart.

Price :  $2.5 million

Goldstriker iphone 3gs supreme : The Goldstriker elevates many of the similarities between the Kings Button and the Goldstriker. First, the design by British designer Stuart Hughes features 22 karat gold, 136 diamonds adorning the phone's edge, and 53 diamonds forming the Apple logo. Another diamond, this one weighing a staggering 7.1 carats, takes the place of the home button. As if that weren't impressive enough, the phone comes packaged in a granite box decorated with leather and Kashmiri gold.

Price : $ 3.2 Million

Iphone 4s Elite Gold : This is Stuart Hughes' third item on the list of the most expensive phones, just one step below the top spot, suggesting that he may have monopolized the luxury iPhone market. This stunning phone is custom-made and features 500 diamonds totaling 100 carats around the edge. 

Both the phone's rear panel and the Apple logo are made of solid gold of 24 karats. In addition, the logo has 53 diamonds, and this one goes one step further than his previous two designs by having a stunning 8.6 carat diamond form the home button. As a "spare" home button, the phone comes with an additional 7.6 carat diamond! The box that comes with this phone is what really sets it apart. It is made of platinum and has polished pieces of Tyrannosaurus rex bone on top. It also has a lot of rare gemstones, like opals, charoite, and pietersite.

Price : $ 9.4 Million

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