Views on Nitish’s comment for liquor


Views on Nitish’s comment for liquor

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Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar recently made a statement about the sale of liquor in Bihar. The CM has been trying to reduce liquor sales in the state ever since he came into power and his latest statement has created a lot of debate on social media as well as among political circles. In this section, I am catering my views regarding Nitish's comment on liquor. We will also take a look at the various opinions expressed by people and try to understand what could be the possible implications if such laws are implemented in other states as well. We will also discuss whether or not Nitish's comment is correct and should be taken seriously or not.

What Nitish said about liquor

  • In a recent interview, Nitish Kumar made a comment about liquor which has garnered mixed reactions. Some people feel that he is right in what he said while others feel that his words were insensitive.
  • Nitish said that 'liquor is not good for health and it destroys families'. He went on to say that those who are addicted to liquor should give it up for the sake of their health and their loved ones.
  • Some people have praised Nitish for his comments as they feel that it is important to raise awareness about the harmful effects of alcohol. However, others have criticised him for being insensitive towards those who are struggling with addiction.

How people have reacted to his comment

Many people have reacted positively to Nitish Kumar's comments on liquor. They feel that it is a step in the right direction and that it will help to reduce the consumption of alcohol in Bihar. Some people have also criticised the government for not doing enough to promote responsible drinking.

Pros and cons of Nitish's views

On one hand, Nitish's views on liquor are quite progressive and could help reduce alcohol consumption in the state. On the other hand, it is possible that his views may not be well received by all sections of society and could lead to social disharmony.

What this could mean for the future of liquor in India

  • India is currently the world's largest consumer of alcohol, with over 17% of the population aged 15 and above consuming liquor. This number is expected to rise in the coming years, as India's population and economy continue to grow.
  • Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, recently made headlines when he suggested that liquor should be banned in India. This proposal has caused quite a stir, with many people wondering what this could mean for the future of liquor in India.
  • If Nitish's proposal were to be implemented, it would likely have a major impact on the alcohol industry in India. The production and sale of liquor is currently a major source of revenue for the government, and a ban would likely lead to a significant decrease in this revenue. Additionally, it would also lead to job losses for those employed in the alcohol industry.
  • Of course, it is still unclear whether Nitish's proposal will gain any traction or whether it will ultimately be implemented


Nitish Kumar’s comment about the liquor has been met with mixed reactions from the public. His supporters laud him for his stand against alcohol and its negative effects, while those opposed to it cite economic losses and infringement on personal freedom as their main concerns. Whatever one's position may be, it is clear that Nitish Kumar's intention of reducing the detrimental consequences associated with drinking alcohol merits respect. We shall have to wait and see if his decision will bring about a positive change or not.

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