What are the Free Marketing Tools


What are the Free Marketing Tools

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Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned marketer, there are plenty of free marketing tools out there that you can use to help you reach more customers. It's up to you to decide which ones you want to use, though. Fortunately, we've got a few suggestions that are sure to fit your business needs.


  • Using Canva to create marketing material is an easy way to increase brand awareness and boost sales. It allows you to create graphics for blog posts, email campaigns, social media, and even graphic advertisements.
  • Canva has a wide selection of templates, graphics, and fonts. You can choose from many free and paid templates to create a wide range of designs. The templates are customizable, so you can easily scale them for different social media platforms. You can also import your own photos into Canva.
  • Canva has a huge library of images and graphics, so it's a great choice for anyone looking to create marketing materials. You can also customize templates to make them suit your brand. You can even change the background, edit fonts, and add effects to make them your own.

Hootsuite Analytics

  • Using Hootsuite Analytics, marketers can gain a complete picture of their social media efforts. This includes data on your followers, activity, and content metrics. It also allows you to take action and optimize your data.
  • Hootsuite Analytics is a flexible platform that allows users to customize reports and streams. Reports can be created using pre-built templates or users can build custom reports. Its interface is flexible and easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface. It also allows users to compare and contrast metrics across multiple social profiles. It is also a great way to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your social media efforts.


  • Creating effective email marketing campaigns can be a great way to promote your business. MailChimp is an easy-to-use, powerful platform that makes it possible to send emails from anywhere. You can write emails, create landing pages, design your email campaign, and more.
  • MailChimp offers a free trial that lasts 30 days. You can choose to subscribe to MailChimp's paid plans. The paid plans offer email support, additional templates, and more advanced reporting tools. These are the best options for users who want the most out of their email campaigns.

Google Analytics

  • Whether you are a digital marketer or just looking to make your site more effective, Google Analytics is a useful tool. The service provides statistics and analytical tools that are helpful for determining what your site needs to improve. It also allows you to share this information with your marketing team.
  • There are two main versions of Google Analytics, the free version, and the paid version. The free version is adequate for small to medium sized businesses while the paid version provides additional features such as the ability to integrate it with other marketing tools.


  • Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing platform. It offers a variety of tools and features for marketers to increase revenue and boost the lifetime value of their customers. Moosend allows you to create beautiful and responsive email campaigns and landing pages.
  • Moosend also provides you with an email marketing analytics tool. This helps you measure your marketing efforts in real time. It tracks metrics such as open rates, click rates, and revenue generated from your campaigns. It also offers detailed reports on subscriber behavior.
  • Moosend also has a large template library, which includes over 75 pre-designed templates for various purposes. You can also customize existing templates. This helps you create email campaigns that suit your brand.


  • Among the many ways to spend your day job's hard-earned cash, building a portfolio of freelancing jobs is a top choice. Upwork is a veritable gold mine of talent and resources, and its estimable talent pool includes a diverse set of professionals from project managers to content marketers to SEO specialists. 
  • For those looking for the best fit for their business, Upwork is the perfect place to start. Upwork also makes it easy for freelancers to get feedback from potential clients and can help streamline the process by recommending software and services.

Uber suggest

  • Whether you are a freelance writer on a budget or an SEO marketer, Ubersuggest is a tool you need to know. It helps you analyze your keywords and create better content. It will provide you with insights about your competitors and help you develop a content strategy that's right for your website.
  • Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that generates hundreds of keywords that are popular and have high search volume. It also suggests keywords that have low difficulty. It helps you create better content for your website and boost your SEO rankings.
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