New features for businesses in android 13


New features for businesses in android 13

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Android 13 brings a variety of new features to mobile businesses. These new features include improved Copy and Paste, Nearby Wi-Fi Devices permission, and support for non-Latin scripts. In this article, we'll explore a few of the most significant additions to Android.

Improved Copy and Paste

  • The new Android 13 build includes the ability to edit copied text. According to Android Police, the feature allows users to edit the copied text before pasting it. The feature also includes an extra button to add hyperlinks. The feature is currently in beta tests but will be available for public release this fall.
  • This update also improves the way the clipboard works. While copying, Android 13 displays a small floating panel with relevant options. For instance, if you're copying a URL, a pop-up window will appear with the option to open it in a browser. You can also choose to copy the content to a nearby device and paste it on another. However, you should keep in mind that if you copy something from one device and then paste it on another, the clipboard history will disappear after a few minutes or an hour.
  • Android 13 also comes with security features to protect personal information. The first is that if an app accesses the clipboard, it will notify the user. Moreover, Android 13 will delete the Clipboard history after a period of time.

Improved audio output picker

  • Google has released an update for Android that will improve the audio output picker. Users can now choose the audio output they want, as well as switch between audio and video outputs, right from their lock screen. The new update will also include changes to the user interface. According to Android Police, the audio output picker will have multiple audio output options.
  • While Android 13 won't have a dedicated button for this feature, you can find it in Settings. The screenshot below shows you how to access it. It also shows you which devices are currently connected to the phone. Any that aren't connected will be highlighted in gray. In addition, you will find thicker menus that make the controls easier to use.
  • Previously, the output picker was a cumbersome feature. But with the new release, the audio output picker looks compact and easy to use. The new button is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. It lists the device that is playing media, including Bluetooth buds and speakers. The device name will also appear in the volume slider.

Improved Nearby Wi-Fi Devices permission option

  • Google's latest mobile OS update, Android 13, will improve the way apps are allowed to access nearby Wi-Fi networks. The new feature makes it easier to manage nearby Wi-Fi connections for your app, with a new location-based permission option. You can also choose to hide your location so that only certain apps can access it. This feature also streamlines access to nearby Wi-Fi devices and will make it easier to manage them in business settings.
  • The new NEARBY_WIFI_DEVICES permission group makes it easier to request permissions for applications that want to access nearby Wi-Fi networks. It is similar to the location-sensitive location permission, but more specific. In addition, Android 13 adds improvements in handling traffic, such as dedicated 5G slicing options that expedite the routing of traffic.
  • Another new feature in Android 13 is HDR video support for third-party camera apps. It also improves the media output switcher and supports braille displays in Talkback. The new update will allow for a more connected experience on laptops, tablets, and phones.

Improved Support for non-Latin scripts

  • Improved Support for non-Latin characters is a new feature introduced in Android 13. The OS will now use line-height to render characters correctly and prevent clipping. In addition, it will allow users to type in non-Latin characters such as Japanese. It will also support the use of COLR version 1 fonts, which are more compact and render quickly.
  • Improved Support for non-Latin languages is another new feature in Android 13. This version will make it easier to display non-Latin scripts, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This new feature will use line heights appropriate for each language to prevent clipping and improve the positioning of characters. Users of these languages should install Android 13 on their devices to enjoy this new feature.

Users can also update their language settings for individual applications. This can be done through system settings or customized in-app language selection. In addition, Android 13 will offer better text wrapping for Japanese and Chinese characters. Additionally, the OS will support COLR version 1 fonts and will update system emojis.

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