Madhya Pradesh beat Mumbai to win maiden Ranji Trophy

28-Jun-2022 , Updated on 6/28/2022 1:31:24 AM

Madhya Pradesh beat Mumbai to win maiden Ranji Trophy

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On Sunday, Madhya Pradesh made history by defeating Mumbai by six wickets to win their first Ranji Trophy title at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.


Looking back to the previous two seasons, the 2020 and 21 seasons, there was no Ranji trophy. There was considerable worry at BCCI. They all agreed that we would have the Ranjit trophy this year regardless of what happened.


They had the leak phases in place before IPL, and it was determined in June after I thought they'd have the knockout rounds, which they promised and delivered, and what a victory that was.


Madhya Pradesh beat Mumbai to win maiden Ranji Trophy

This victory's major hero is a really remarkable individual. Of course, he's a coach. Mr. Chandrakant Pandit is his name. He's had a lot of success, and the whole nation is talking about how he's changed everything he's touched.


It was a throwback match. When they played against Karnataka and lost on the last day, it was the same situation here, with the last session and three wickets behind.


The boys were different, but the pressure was the same. They handled superbly and achieved an excellent outcome.


Can cricket follow in the footsteps of football? What is the method through which a football manager handles the resources in a football game? Do we believe Chandrakant Pandit will change the Ranji Trophy at the domestic level?


It also provides the impression that there is a lot of surround sound when it comes to Indian cricket. Most of the time, these are the folks who go unnoticed, yet Chandrakant Pandit deserves every award for having put forth the effort.


When he joins the Madhya Pradesh team, he informed authorities from the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association that “It is a procedure. I cannot provide you with results overnight. We must adhere to a procedure.' Look at where they arrived precisely two years ago, and what a beautiful fairy tale this has been for Madhya Pradesh.


Madhya Pradesh beat Mumbai to win maiden Ranji Trophy

You can't give credit to him only since Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma each scored hundreds of scores. I mean, the way they performed from top to bottom, everything was just about picture perfect.


Everyone scored runs; all four top-order batsmen scored runs; they scored around 600-700 runs, and all of the ballers, the front-line bowlers, scored 20-25 wickets.


Left-arm spinner Kumar Kartikeya bowled excellently. Shubham Sharma scored four hundred, Yash Dubey scored two hundred, and Rajat, who is an IPL star, returned and excelled with the red ball for the squad.


When you win any trophy, everyone plays a role in it.


I mean, we all more enjoy red-ball cricket, and I do respect white ball players. All that, but red ball cricket actually gets the charm out of the game.


Do you know what the two primary elements are? I mean, the two major aspects of playing cricket are swinging and making the ball swing, and red-ball cricket provides both of these.


This match, I believe, was more equally fought. Despite the fact that MP controlled most of the sessions, it seemed to be a close contest, as a final should be. I believe both teams had their opportunities. 


Second, it would have been a far more competitive battle.


This is not simply a victory for MP; it is also a victory for red-ball cricket and the individuals who practice seven days a week. You must be consistent, disciplined, and devoted while playing red-ball cricket.


Red ball cricket is a nine-to-five profession in which you have to show up for practice season after season, match after match without knowing if you'll ever get into the Indian squad, which is a long shot.


The fact that you are representing your state and putting in the hard work for such a long period and process, and you are aware that this is happening away from the media cameras more frequently.


Madhya Pradesh beat Mumbai to win maiden Ranji Trophy

This whole success story did not happen overnight. They say it's simple to go to the top, but it's difficult to remain there.


Because they played so many matches, they were able to achieve such success. During the IPL, they only played practice games with the few players they had on and carried on doing.


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