Alzheimer's and Dementia In-Home Care In Fairfield ct

02-Jun-2022, Updated on 6/2/2022 4:27:51 AM

Alzheimer's and Dementia In-Home Care In Fairfield ct

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People who have Alzheimer’s and Dementia need a compassionate care plan to better their health status.

They need certified in-home caregivers who can take utmost care of their needs and health and support their journey in getting better at living with these diseases.

Each patient should get the care that is specific to their needs and promotes independence with a focus on the quality of life.

This is why the in-home care experts at Fairfield, CT, are so recognized for taking care of people with these unique needs. If you have the same need and are looking for an in-home memory care service in Fairfield, we have a list just for you.

Let’s take a look:

1: Home Care Connectors

Alzheimer’s and Dementia do not always paint a pretty picture. Sometimes the patients can even become violent and aggressive.

Thankfully, the staff at Home Care Connectors are trained to handle such situations. In addition, they are highly experienced and licensed, which means they can cater to the unique needs of these special individuals.

They also ensure that each patient gets as much independence as possible, focusing on their quality of life.

2: Carriage Green At Milford

Fresh air, nature, and tranquillity—are the perks of this in-home memory care facility at Fairfield, CT.

The inside and outside of this place are beautiful. When you drive up here, you are likely to be amazed by the beautiful scenery all around this place.

They even have offers for physical therapy. So, if any patient wants to access it for other chronic health problems, he can.

3: Edgehill

What do you get when you mix rich cultural life with countryside beauty? First, you get Edgehill, which is one of the best in-home memory care services at Fairfield.

The wide array of social activities boosts their self-esteem and helps them get the independence they need in living their lives.

Once you admit your Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient to this facility, you can be assured that the person will learn to live independently with assisted living services.

4: Brookdale Wilton

The building of this memory care facility may not look as new as one might expect, but it is well-kept. The staff is always ready to go the extra mile for you and wants to talk to you to figure out what your needs are.

They are experts in designing customized care plans for Dementia patients. In addition, they accompany you wherever you want to go inside the facility when you are a resident here.

It fosters a warm and open ambiance that keeps the Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients in check and helps them live an empowered life even when life makes it tough for them.

5: Sturges Ridge Of Fairfield

This is a nice place for people to live in with memory problems, but there are some issues. For example, the place doesn’t have its washer-dryer, and you have to eat their food which doesn’t have much choice.

However, the staff is friendly, knowledgable and good at what they do. They also have a valet parking garage, which means you can visit your loved ones here anytime you want.

Residents can also see children playing football on the adjoining grounds and have a good time. It boasts a nice statement on this facility’s behalf, so you can have a look here.

6: The Key

If you want a flexible care plan just for the well-being of your loved ones, The Key is the place to go. You’ll be well informed and in control of the care solution, you need if you stay at this place.

From medication reminders to grocery shopping, from light housekeeping to staying active—you can get assistance at anything you want.

Their staff is highly-trained in handling patients with such special needs, so you can be relieved leaving your loved ones in their hands.

7: ComForCare Home Care

The staff at this memory care facility cares about the clients and employees. Their specialization lies in providing in-home care to seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

People with other disabilities can also hire these people because they need extra help and support to live their daily lives.

This care facility helps you live safely and independently in your home so that you don’t bother about uprooting your life and transferring somewhere else just because you can’t live alone any longer.


The in-home care facilities at these Fairfield facilities are worth mentioning because they are some of the best ones in the market.

So, if you need help finding one such facility for your loved ones, you should browse this list once again.

For further information, ping us in the comment section below. We can get back to you with an answer in no time.

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