When Men Should Consider a Prostate Supplement


When Men Should Consider a Prostate Supplement

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Prostate Cancer may be one of the most common forms of cancer, but not all types of prostate cancer are life-threatening.

Since the prostate gland keeps on growing with age, men above the age of 50 often experience prostate problems. Painful urination and ejaculation are some of the most common symptoms of prostate cancer that affect the quality of life.

People often use prostate health supplements such as Prost-P10x to manage the symptoms of prostate cancer. These products are usually effective because they contain a large number of prostatitis vitamins, antioxidants, and other agents to support your body’s normal response.

You may ask us when one should consider a prostate supplement, and we are here to answer that for you.

Let’s begin.

When Should You Consider Taking Prostate Supplement?

Some types of prostate cancer can grow slowly, while some spread faster than you can imagine. If your prostate cancer is detected early and there’s still room for treatment, you can always opt for prostate supplements at the initial stage.

However, before you start using the supplements, you must witness the following symptoms such as:

• Erectile dysfunction.

• Bone pain.

• Blood in the urine.

• Painful urination.

• Reduced force in the urine stream.

• Blood in the semen.

• Painful ejaculation.

• Losing weight all of a sudden.

If you witness these symptoms, the first step you should take is to consult a doctor. You should never start a prostate supplement without consulting a doctor because you are experiencing these symptoms.

These symptoms may not always indicate prostate cancer. Once your doctor diagnoses you, he can confirm whether you have prostate cancer or not, and he will recommend you to take the supplement accordingly.

However, you don’t always have to experience these symptoms to start using prostate supplements. Men above the age of 50 are likely to experience issues with their prostate gland.

If you want to take care of your prostate gland and want to ensure its optimum health from an early age, you can start taking a supplement. But, in that case, also you should consult your doctor once before you plan to take this supplement.

Will Taking The Supplement Improve Your Prostate Health?

Since supplements don’t have to pass any clinical trial or FDA approval, you don’t have enough data on them that they will improve your prostate’s health.

However, Saw Palmetto is one of the major ingredients in many prostate health supplements. A study with 165 men showed that those who took 160 mg of Saw Palmetto capsules 4 times a day noticed an improvement in their urinary flow and quality of life.

Beta-Sitosterol is another essential prostate supplement ingredient that belongs to a larger group called ‘Phytosterols.’

Studies show that this ingredient can reduce inflammation associated with urinary tract issues and can also prevent prostate cancer.

Not all types of prostate cancers are dangerous, but Chronic Prostatitis is one of the most painful types of prostate cancer. Anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and aspirin can reduce pain and inflammation, but flower pollen extracts can do a better job in reducing Chronic Prostatitis symptoms.

A study with 65 people found that the daily intake of pollen extracts for 3 months improved Chronic Prostatitis symptoms.

Pygeum is an African Cherry Tree extract, and it is another ingredient found most commonly in prostate supplements. A review of 18 studies can back up this claim. It shows that Pygeum supplements improve prostate health issues and control its symptoms.

Even though the studies were not conducted for a longer period, they indicated positive evidence as long as they were conducted.

There are many other ingredients present in a prostate health supplement, such as:

Pumpkin seed oil.

• Nettle root.

• Vitamin D.

• Vitamin E.

• Zinc.

• Selenium.

If you take a look at the positive attributes of these ingredients, you’ll see that all of them work in favor of prostate health. It means if you start taking a prostate health supplement containing these ingredients, it will likely benefit your health.

Final Thoughts

Prostate health issues are not limited to impacting your urine flow and semen production. It can also affect your sexual life and your quality of life.

Some supplements may control inflammation symptoms, and some may help reduce prostate health issues. So, before you take any supplement, we recommend you talk to the doctor once and get your prostate checked thoroughly.

For further queries on prostate health supplements, you can reach us in the comment section. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.

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