10 Foods That May Cause Heartburn


10 Foods That May Cause Heartburn

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• Are you suffering from excessive chronic Acid Reflux or Heartburn?

• Do you really feel that heartburn troubles you day to day life?

• Taking digestive medications, but still, it recurs?

We think you are on the right page. Acid Reflux of Heartburn develops in an individual through lifestyle related complexities. And slowly they turn out to be concerning to your health.

There are enough discussions on medication and lifestyle changes that help control acid reflux. But discussion of food to curb Acid reflux is not done much.

Hence, there is less awareness regarding this. So in this article, we will be discussing some of the foods that you need to avoid which might trigger Heartburn. So let's get started.

What Is Acid Reflux?

This is a chronic digestive disease in which the stomach acids are the lining of the food pipe.

This disease occurs when the bile flows into the food pipe and irritates the lining. Usually, the complexity develops during the nighttime.

When you experience heartburn, you might have chest pain and difficulty swallowing food.

Common Trigger Of Heartburn

There are certain triggers of heartburn that include lying down too early after meals, consumption of Caffeine, Carbonated foods, Fatty and spicy food, Tomato-based products, and Chocolates. Other common triggers include being overweight, smoking, excessive stress and others.

10 Foods That Cause Heartburn

There are certain foods that cause heartburn. You need to get a comprehensive idea regarding this to avoid physical complexities.

Believe us; they are highly effective. Let's quickly learn these food items that actually go on to trigger heartburn.

1. High Fat Foods

High-fat foods are extremely acidic, and they are really bad for you. The pastry, fries and Pasta that you like cause heartburn.

These include bile salts that are present in the stomach. Hormone Cholecystokinin increases the chances of heartburn.

2. Mint

Mint is often thought to soothe the digestive system, but it happens otherwise. However, there is ample clinical evidence that these cause heartburn.

Clinical studies tell that Peppermint decreases pressure and it may cause heartburn.

3. Citric Juices

It is a fact that Citric Juices relieve a lot of stress and bring in a feel-good factor. It's a common cause that oranges and grapefruit juices cause symptoms of GERD like heartburn.

4. Onion And Garlic

Some people cannot just resist garlic and onion in their food to make it more orient and tasty. But believe me, they are highly acidic to your stomach sometimes. Therefore try and avoid it.

5. Hot And Spicy Food

If you regularly take your food that is spicy. You don't know that you are slowly inviting chronic Acid Reflux. This you must avoid.

It is medically proven that Hot and spicy foods contain peeper in excess, and they act to promote Acid Reflux. Therefore slowly go for the milder version of the food.

6. Cheese, Butter And Nuts

According to clinical experts, these three have high-fat content.These foods may not get much of a press of Acid, but they may be a major trigger.

It happens that fat slows down the stomach, and there is much of an opportunity for a big distended stomach.

7. Alcohol

You know that your favourite wine, beer and cocktails can trigger heartburn. Therefore it is recommended to shun alcohol to avoid heartburn.

8. Caffeine

Coffee, Soda, Ice Tea and other food and beverages contain caffeine. According to acid reflux specialist Dr. Jamie Koufman's caffeine is one food product that triggers heartburn.

Therefore, you believe if you have heartburn, you need to shun Caffeine based products.

9. Soda And Carbonated Beverages

Many people find that they get heat burns after consuming soda and carbonated beverages.

Products based on Carbonate and Beverages are extremely best if shunned. Therefore avoid these as they are the major contributors.

10. Candy

Although sugar is delicious, they cause heartburn. Candy, especially the ones with Vitamin C flavours, is highly acetic. So make sure you don't eat too many Candies.


It is therefore understood that if you shun these food items, you are definitely going to get benefits from Acid Reflux.

Therefore make sure not to consume these foods as they trigger Acid Reflux or heartburn.

So Happy eating, but eat Judiciously.

If you need more information on these foods, you may contact us in the comment section.

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