It’s Time to Visit Leh Ladakh – Summer Tour


It’s Time to Visit Leh Ladakh – Summer Tour

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Whether it is the magnificent snow-capped mountains or the beautiful lakes and valleys of Ladakh will always touch your heart. Facing the vast and desolate places of slopes and valleys is a kind of experience connected with the thrilling knowledge of persevering in an unforgivable environment. And when you are planning to visit this strange land, you may be wondering what could be the best? Time to visit Leh Ladakh.

While some people suggest that summer is the best time to visit the place when the climate is most energetic and when the snow melts and there is an atmosphere of movement with the bright and vibrant Hemis Festival.

Then again some have their special charm of winter and the snow-capped mountains offer some of the best views. And don't forget that winter is the time when you can enjoy the most beautiful and adventurous trekking trek in the world.

Trekking on the magnificent and solid Zanskar River is something that will be cherished forever. Well, you could say that each time has its charm and charm so choosing one for you can be a bit confusing.

Let's make it a little easier for you with this detailed information about the best time to visit Ladakh and help you for the most wonderful time you can enjoy here with our best packages for Leh Ladakh Trip.

From April to mid-May

With the arrival of April on your calendar, summer has come into the life of the people of Ladakh. The tourist season also begins this month and a large number of people flock here.

At this time the temperature is a maximum of 15 ° C, a minimum of -1 ° C. Heavy snowfall stops during April and summer occupies the entire space. All tourist destinations, hotels, homestays, and guests are welcomed with open arms.

If you are visiting Ladakh during April-May, select flights as not all roads and passes are open at this time. However, the weather is still not as sunny and warm as normal summers. Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is the main airport in the area. The flights operated by Air India, Go Air, and Jet Airways are directly connected to Delhi, Srinagar, and Jammu.

By the end of April, Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri lakes begin to melt, showing excellent hues and spectacular sights. Leh has very nice weather with clear skies during this time but adventurous junkies are advised to wear warm clothes as the sun can be a little more dangerous during this time. You can visit the monasteries and stupas which are the best places here.

During mid-May

In the meantime, the Srinagar-Leh roadway is about to be opened and this is not the most recent event to end the circuit. The effects of winter have not yet completely obscured such extraordinary climatic conditions; Cold roads will welcome you into the city.

At this time the temperature is 16 ° C maximum and 3 ° C minimum. By the end of May, the city is flooded with tourists, often not by air because the roads are still closed. In early June, the thrilling Manali roads of Leh along the Rohtang Pass open up, in any case, the initial 7-10 days are not reasonable to travel as this place is prone to snow slides and frequent obstacles.

Flight is the best option to visit Ladakh during this time. The flights operated by Air India, Go Air, and Jet Airways are directly connected to Delhi, Srinagar, and Jammu.

The streets around Rohtang and at times the Baralacha Pass are surrounded by high snow dividers, and there are many other mind-boggling views of the snow infestation. Also, visit some famous Ladakh monasteries like Thikshi monastery, her monastery, Stongde monastery, and Likir monastery.

During June

All the street courses in Leh open in early June and the city of Leh can be reached on the Srinagar-Leh-Manali circuit. June is the best time of year to visit Leh by bike or road. If you want to enjoy the snowy roads and mountains along the way then this is the perfect time to spend a holiday in Leh Ladakh. By mid-June, the snow begins to melt so you will head to some of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh.

Visit some of the monasteries and stupas here and also get acquainted with the locals. And you can enjoy Saka Dawa, Yuru Kabagyat, Hemis Festivals this month.

If you are traveling by road, reach Ladakh via Kargil from Kashmir Valley, which is about 434 km. The 473 km long Manali-Leh road is open from mid-June to early October.

During July to August

This month, all roads and paths to the land known for lamas are opened and the land turns into an exceptionally welcoming, fabulous perspective, a paradise for bikers and picture takers. This month is considered to be the best time to visit Ladakh. The whole space is a mix of white, brown, and green which makes it more beautiful. During this time the temperature is 25 ° C maximum, 10 C minimum.

If you are planning a Leh road trip from Manali, try to leave Manali early so that you can avoid the congested roads on Rohtang Pass. And if you are choosing a road trip from Srinagar-Leh, leave early in the morning for Srinagar so that you can avoid the traffic jam on Zojila Pass.

Also, many festivals are celebrated by ladies at this time. Between these two months, Stongday, Karsha, Fang, Sachukul, Karzok, Dakthok, and Sani Nasjal festivals are held. This is the time when the Hemis Festival takes place and is celebrated grandly here.

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