HIJAB: An Islamic Ritual

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HIJAB: An Islamic Ritual

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HIJAB: An Islamic Ritual

A hijab is a covering for the head and shoulders that is worn by Muslim women. According to Muslim women, they consider that their beauty also lies in their hair so they believe to cover their hair from the outside world. Besides this hijab also covers the chest. Many Islamic scholars interpret the verses that are in the Quran to mean a woman must cover her head, while other scholars argue against the interpretation.

Nowhere in QURAN, the term hijab has been reflected its meaning but the sematic and conceptual interpretation of the QURANIC term hijab shows the opposite to be in reality. The hijab in detail we can say that curtain, separation, wall, and other words the anything that hides masks and protects something. There was a time when the hijab concerns only the wives of the Prophet and meet a circumstantial requirement in order to respect the private life of the Prophet but it does not represent the particular mode of clothing. Their main focus was to teach people how to respect the privacy of others and be a man of good ethics. At that time hijab was generally a symbol of separation between public life and private life. One specific verse in the Quran, when taken literally in translation, says their ornaments, such as jewelry, cover their bosoms. It also gives several interacts so as not to betray the modesty of the women or provoke desire in the men. While mentioning covering the bosom, it does not specifically say that a woman must her head.

What the passage says is that a women must not display her beauty any more than what is ordinary . this is the phase about wearing a hijab in the Quran that is often interpreted to mean women must cover their head or face. Some scholars argue that is intended to mean the beauty of a women’s face must be covered. Others say that a woman should not go out wearing, makeup, jewelry, and other items that might make her appear less modest or that might make her appear less modest or that might make men desire her.

Hijab in Islamic concerns means how we look, how we dress, and how we interact in society and it limits the human desires towards opposite gender and let the society to focus on work and productivity. Islam requires both men and women to be dressed in simplicity, modesty, and in dignity.


HIJAB: An Islamic Ritual

The first verse: According to chapter 24 as a NUR (THE LIGHT) in verse 30 ALLAH COMMAND PROPHET MUHAMMAD as follows:

say to believing men that they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts. this is better for them” {24:30}

This is also known as the hijab of eyes. This commands men that they should not look lustfully at the women they are required to caste down their glances.

Then the next verse, ALLAH commands the prophet to address the women (24:31)

“say to believe women that they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts and not display their beauty except what is apparent and they should place their Khimur over the bosoms”

It says that women to cast down their looks and guard their private parts and not reveal their adornment save to their husbands, or their fathers or the fathers of their husbands or of their own sons or the sons of their husbands or their brothers or the sons of their sisters or the women with whom they associate, or those that are in their service free of sexual interest or boys that are unaware of illicit matters pertaining to women. Nor should they stamp their feet on the ground in such manner that their hidden ornaments become revealed.

 THE SECOND VERSE: in chapter 33 knowns as SURAH AL AHZAB VERSE 59. ALLAH gives the following commands to prophet Muhammad.

O Prophet ! say to you wives, daughters and the women of the believers that they should let down upon themselves their JALABIB “(33:59)

This part of QURAN says that the wives , daughters and all the other women living in the society wear jalabib which means a loose outer garment covering the whole body .

After knowing the hijab in the Quran, I can say that hijab is critically important ISLAMIC teaching. No one denies this. it seems that most of the men forget to apply the teachings of the QURAN about hijab. hijab of eyes is very essential for every man to observe in their life. Men must stop observing the women and must worry about reforming themselves first. By doing this women of our society will be able to live their life happily.

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