"A stupid son of a Bitch" says Joe Biden to Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy

"A stupid son of a Bitch" says Joe Biden to Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy

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The President of America, Joe Biden abused the Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy “a stupid son of a bitch.”

Joe Biden, while attending the Competition Council Meeting in White House used the slang words and said ‘a stupid son of a bitch’ sarcastically. Here the words by Joe Biden was not personal to their own but they were listed by all the member of the council. The reporter to whom such words have been used is a journalist of Fox News and he used to be called by the White House in such meetings.

The Fox Reporters, Peter Doocy asked the president “would you take a question on inflation…? Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?”

The Biden’s reply was “it’s a great asset --- more inflation Biden deadpanned said “What a stupid son of a bitch.”


"A stupid son of a Bitch" says Joe Biden to Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy

The comment by such a person who is known as the superpower of the world is not commendable and unrespectable. Joe Biden has not used such words for the reporters as earlier, he used slang words for different persons which shows the personal behavior of Joe Biden is so rustic, and such person holds the top most powerful chair of the country.

This year during the congressional election the rise in inflation was a serious issue and while discussing the topic of consumer interest, the reporters asked the question related to inflation but Joe Biden crushed the reporter Peter Doocy of Fox news and send him outside the council.

Joe Biden forget about the hot microphone and it was on, while he used such crushing words for the reporters. It was told by Peter that after just the meeting Joe Biden call him and apologize for his actions in the council. To what extent the new apology is correct no one has any idea as the call recording was not available.

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We always used to listen that the politicians are not loyal even to their family as they used to have two faces one which showed during the representation in meetings and rallies and the other face they have inside their evil mind. The President is the term that not only represents the power and duties but also represents the culture and humanity of the country, Joe Biden has used such words in front of all the world shows the culture and nature he has. In my opinion, he doesn’t deserve such a dignified post and power.

The identity which the president has during the meeting was in itself the honor of the country and any person who holds the chair should respect the post and should respect the president’s power, seat, and duties. Where the constitution of any country talks about the equality, justice, and sovereignty of the country, how it can restrict such breach of humanity and encroachment of the self – respect when itself is committing such acts.

The president in his speech, after winning the election uttered that everyone should be treated with decency dignity, and also he said that anyone who used to disrespect others will be fired out by Biden’s administration. Now here a question rose, should Joe Biden leave the tenure under the ruling of his words? Of course, he will not. Because he is not to his words.

The age of Joe Biden is 79 years and at this age, he even didn’t learn how to talk with the citizens of his own country. He abused the mother of the reporters and said to her the Bitch which itself a crime as per the natural law. The inappropriate words uttered by President Joe Biden while attending a consumer council were vulgar and the use of such words by any such highly respected person can never be expected.

The president should apologize to the reporters and his family including his mother in front of the media and should tie a knot that he should never utter such vulgar words for anyone.

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