Mahindra Thar Review
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09-Dec-2021 , Updated on 12/9/2021 6:00:26 AM

Mahindra Thar Review

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When we talk about Thar, it is one of the most attractive and beautiful SUVs made by Mahindra to date. Definitely, Thar has a lot of fan following and the fan following is also worth it. It has been a legendary vehicle since the time it was launched and when Mahindra decided to relaunch it as a new generation in 2020 it just exploded like a hot rocket and got insane selling numbers that the waiting period extended for more than a year.

So, it means that if you book Thar right now there can be a possibility that you can get your vehicle after 10 to 12 months. This is the craziest fan following seen in the automobile industry to date.

This fan following for Mahindra Thar is also worth it because the type of looks and off-roading capabilities that Mahindra Thar gets with itself is phenomenally insane and should be worth a wait of a few months.

As we all know that Mahindra Thar is one of the best off-roading capable vehicles, talking about some capabilities, if you go for the top-end variants of Mahindra Thar you can get 4 wheel drive variants as well and the off-roading capabilities in those variants are really very good.

If you want some comfort with those models you can try out the automatic variant as well. But this doesn't mean that if you are not going for a 4 wheel drive vehicle you can’t take your vehicle off-road, definitely, you can take Mahindra Thar for off-roading in a normal mode as well.

But, there are a lot of chances of getting stuck if you are not opting for a 4 wheel drive variant because the sluggish mud creates a problem but when you have a 4x4 variant then you don't need to look whether there is a road or there is sluggish mud or waterlogging, any hindrances can be crossed with this 4x4 vehicle.

Thar has got a really powerful engine as well, it has got a diesel engine which has four cylinders and produces a maximum torque of 300 Nm at 2800 RPM and it has got 130 bhp of power at 3750 rpm.

Thar diesel comes with a 2.2 liter Diesel engine and has a 6-speed gearbox. Meanwhile, Thar petrol gets a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine and it also produces 150 ps power at 5000 RPM and it also has a 300 Nm of torque which ranges from 1250-3000 rpm.

Thar has god really thick profile tyres due to which it’s off-roading capabilities extend and suspension is also tuned very perfectly for off-roading.

If you have a question right now in your mind that which is a much more off-road capable vehicle car diesel or petrol? Then let me tell you that both are really good and both have good off-roading capabilities even if you go for the base variants of Mahindra Thar or for the top variant that is AX optional.

You get all sorts of off-roading features that are available in each and every variant of Mahindra Thar whether you opt for petrol or diesel.

Thar is Value for Money?

Considering all these things and keeping the price factor in mind according to me all the features and the capabilities that Mahindra Thar is offering at this price point are really value for money and due to this people are loving Mahindra Thar insanely. 

A lot of celebrities are also purchasing Mahindra Thar because of its killer looks especially in black color and due to the thick tyre profile, the look that it emerges out and the road presence that it creates is really very good.

There are a lot of viral videos available across all internet platforms where you can see Mahindra Thar justifying its off-roading capabilities where people have taken Thar to places where people themselves can't go.

So, due to this Thar has gained a lot of fan following in the previous 1 year, definitely, Mahindra Thar is a game-changer product for Mahindra and this is justified by the number of bookings Mahindra Thar got when it was launched and still Mahindra is trying its best to fulfill the needs of Thar by its precious customers.


Again, on a short note, I would like to end on by concluding that definitely, Thar is a great off-roading vehicle to buy, and even if you try to find some competition for Thar, you can’t find one as Thar is the only off-roading vehicle available in a budget-friendly price bracket.

This is also clearly evident by the love Mahindra Thar is getting from people due to which its waiting period is at the top across all cars being offered in the Indian car market. 

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