Socio-Cultural and Scientific significance of Shardiya Navratri

08-Oct-2021 , Updated on 10/9/2021 10:47:09 AM

Socio-Cultural and Scientific significance of Shardiya Navratri

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A brief story based on socio-cultural Scientific activities about Hindu’s holy festival Sharadiya Navaratri by Dr. Indu Prakash Singh, Writer, and social philosopher.

The four varnas [class of society divided on the basis of work efficiency and natural inherent qualities ]of the Indian social system had special significance.

The first varna known as Brahmins, concerned with teaching and rituals practices, After the end of Chaturmas, rainy seasons about four months, Brahmins, sages, sannyasis, who had stayed at the same place for 4 months, used to do penance, now they are on excursions to expand their knowledge and austerity. Used to go out on a campaign to expand his knowledge.

The second varna is known as Kshatriya ware devoted to the sustenance and protection of society. The main concern of this class was to have the responsibility of the whole society. In this Navratri, by doing divine worship of Goddess Durga and kali called as Mother, for 9 days, earned spiritual, power. They used to attack for the expansion of their empire and the tyrant who kept an evil eye on their people, water, forest, land on their empire was destroyed. they made an important contribution to the establishment of an ideal social order.

Third varna class of society in ancient Vedic age Vaishyas, merchants, traders ware an important section of the society.

The Varna who was always striving for the fulfillment of all economic resources and economic prosperity, after the end of the rainy season, used to go out into the country, abroad to expand his business.

The base pillar of the social system and the fourth varna engaged in agricultural work and service and facilities, after the rainy season, their agricultural work, service of animals, I used to think that he was the pillar and pillar of the society, due to which the social system was flourishing and flourishing, he was the feeder and by staying at one place, he nurtured and protected the rest The Varna known as classification of classes in ancient Vedic period, which has been said of the above four varnas, refers to the people doing different jobs living in the same family in the Vedas and the varna system mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita does not mean the caste system or any mention of castes in it. the caste system was one in the later period. came in the form of conservatism.

Thus Shardiyaa Navratri, religiously strategic in the Indian social system. was very important from the point of view, economic point of view, social Which we could no longer understand its nature. Our sages also understood its scientific importance. The beginning of Shardiya Navratri month starts from October to November, Insects, moths, and harmful bacteria, viruses, spiders, which were prepared during the rainy season through lamp donation, lamp festival, havan-worship, which lasted till Deepawali, were also helped to avoid or destroy them so that all people remain healthy and healthy. able to At present, there is a democracy, not a monarchy, so by earning power in Shirdi Navratri, you can acquire your knowledge, wisdom, business, education, medicine, advocacy, Judiciary, executive, legislature, social work, administrative, police, journalism and in various and specialized fields Perform excellently in whatever field you are in and get the name of your nation, state, village, clan, clan in the whole world.

Illuminate. With these best wishes, wishing you all a very Happy Shardiya Navratri. Leave no stone unturned in worshiping Maa Kali, awaken the power of Maa Durga and transmit that power to yourself.

Currently involved in the teaching occupation, I have a great zeal and enthusiasm to follow a wholesome life of happiness and sustenance. With my great skill of writing and philosophical attitude towa . . .